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By: Renee2
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I had two panic attacks today. I have been having them more frequently again lately. There are many factors, and often times there are obvious reasons. Today, though, it seemed they came out of nowhere. I was thinking about my history of anxiety, and my worst panic attacks throughout the years were while I was on the computer while the computer was near a TV that was on. I currently have my computer sitting in front of the TV. This is temporary until I get a new router and can move the computer back into my office.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else is sensitive to energy from electronics.

10/19/16 08:52:09AM @bunnigirl:

Hi Renee.  Yes totally! it used to be a running joke when I was younger and bought equipment for my recording studio.  The folks at sam ash always knew I would be coming back in a day or 2 with something NOT working as I was very intense with music back then.  It still happens now when I am having negative emotions.  My boss definitely has that quality too as I don't think of him as empathic but maybe he is so shielded and unsure of his power and shuts everyone out. Every day he comes in I can sense his mood and voila something breaks! our IT department knows when he is in he will be calling them...he needs to chill! I try to send him chill vibes but know when to just leave him be and I don't want to absorb it...

10/26/16 11:22:25PM @austin1977:

Hi there :)    

I know I definitely am sensitive to electronics. Im also very sensitive to artificial lighting (certain light bulbs, tv screens, computer screens, etc) which plays the biggest part. Under normal circumstances I like to sleep with the least amount of electronics in my room as possible. Even if they're off I can feel them, to a certain degree, Im never like, "oh the TV is buzzing again." But I know that something is bothering me. 

Im pretty new to having "panic attacks" Ive always had a minor level of anxiety, but i think that comes with the territory of being sensitive/empath. Now however as a 23 year old man, I'm having full blown panic attacks. Its all very new to me. I think and have heard there is new energy in the "air" and its a transition time for us. 

Archangel Raphael Is a HUGE aid to my anxiety. Call out to God and Raphael. Also maybe try using something to protect you from electronics from bothering you. The ways i protect me self is by praying and using the "law of NO" 

Well, Best of Luck to you, God Bless. Ill be praying for blessing, positive energy, and light to come your way.


11/10/16 09:42:01PM @steffck:

I have had three different cars in the shop two or three times each .. I can hardly drive a car without causing mechanical problems ...I shut Dow new MacBook Pro ...if I get really upset whatever is around I shut it off ..  I burn up all the time you can feel heat coming off me