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Misophonia or Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome

By: Rene''
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Does anyone else suffer from this. I do. I have listen to heavy metal, well, just about any form of rock music all my life. You wouldn't think I was sensitive to noise but hearing chip bags noise of slurping and other noises, it puts me in a rage. Sounds crazy, don't it. I have to walk off from people that chews gum with their mouth open or popping it constantly. It drives me mad.
11/06/15 05:01:54AM @retrogirl:

YES!!!! This has been driving me nuts lately. I work in an office with another person, and she's been trying to quit smoking, so she's been replacing it with chewing gum & Doritos. I'm surprised I haven't ripped her head off yet! A friend of mine suggested EFT might help, I would like to try it. I actually avoided it most of my life, but being in such close proximity to another human being has been challenging. Thank God she doesn't drink anything, slurping is my biggest trigger. Until I googled it a few years ago, I actually thought it proved I was insane.

11/07/15 08:51:23PM @soralei:
No but I noticed different sounds at once now.Very annoying then I refocus on a person talking.Like I will hear the tv then someone talk then the dogs and cars outside all at once.
AnimalEmpath Colleen
06/10/16 12:29:38AM @animalempath-colleen:

This is me too. I LOVE rock music and I don't mind concerts either. Weird. However, the sound of chewing, sniffing (even if it's across the room), loud, obnoxious people, incessantly barking dogs... the annoying list of noises that sets me off is long. My sister doesn't understand, she thinks I'm just grumpy because I find her toddlers too loud. She was offended when I wore ear plugs to lessen the noise for myself when visiting her. Sigh.