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All I want is to see the moon

By: Rene''
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I've been waiting on tonight to watch this but the cloud cover it too thick. Dang it!
Emmy Long
09/30/15 08:48:44PM @emmy-long:
Dude me too. Do you live in central Indiana by chance? :) sometimes it's better if we don't see, i think. :)
10/02/15 09:26:00PM @rene:
No, I live in Northwest Georgia. You may be right but I sure did want to see it. You don't see that happen every day. But was too cloudy and now it raining again. I can't complain though. I love the rain.
10/04/15 10:40:56AM @ecila:

Are you in the mountainous region of GA? I have thought about moving there. I've heard it's nice.

10/05/15 08:17:56PM @rene:
Cedartown is about 90 miles south of Chattanooga Tenn. and about 45 miles west of Atlanta. Polk County is on the Georgia/Alabama line. We do have some mountain rangers but nothing compared to the blue ridge mountains. Which is northeast Georgia. Our mountains are only hills compared to them. But it is mostly a rural country kind of place. And we do have a think accent, so I am told. Lol.