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Well...update....that woman I had the vision about, same one I've been in love with for 5 years, who I've tried to be a good friend to...well....familiar patterns are happening again...:/. By that, I mean, in 2012, she didn't talk to me for months, and well, she isn't really talking much either but I KNOW I told her what I was supposed to, but now my heart is starting to hurt again, but surely I've had this strong connection with her for a reason, right? I had that vision to warn her, I've been there for her....then I sent her that video about abuse...she believed me and everything, texted me, and said THANK YOU.

So, why am I so uneasy? Because of the past, and because of what a friend said last night. I know my manager said things about this woman and she might be right, but last night, someone said, "what if you creeped her out?" and "what if she's just not being honest?" and I'm worried...but how would that be true? I KNOW I have had this strong connection with this woman for years...surely it can't all be for nothing? My heart hurts right now, I'll say that....if anyone has a vision regarding this situation or any advice, let me know. I keep hearing, "wait", and maybe I'm just freaking out and need to relax, but I don't want to get hurt again. I'm trying to keep hope and I'm trying to listen to my heart. If I get screwed for that, I'll never be the same.

With that said, I'm leaving her alone unless she wants to talk to me. I figured if she didn't want me to talk to her she'd be honest, right? But honestly, I really hope I'm not being played, I'm just trying to listen to my heart and pursue it to the fullest, to take that risk I was scared before. But I'm not going to tell her how I feel unless things change for a while. But if she can't see how much I care, and misunderstands me, that's her problem, and it'll hurt me. But I think, "IF that's the case, why would all these things happen? Why the vision? Why this obtained knowledge about her?". Surely it's not a waste of time....I mean I'm just trying to be there for her and all. We used to be close a long time ago.

I'm just a bit upset...if I was forsaken, and if all of this was for nothing (but I don't see why it would be), I will be crying for days, because that would mean I would've been following my heart, for nothing, and I would be devastated. This is why I was afraid of taking the risk, I'll be so hurt if I'm wrong...but the way I see it, I'm just being a caring honest person, the only one in the wrong would be her if that was the case. My manager says she's just scared but who knows...

06/11/14 12:45:59PM @realfaction:

(it's affecting my life and the way I feel overall sadly)

Bill Walker
06/14/14 03:55:35PM @bill-walker:

First of all, I really like the way Lizzy put it, and she is so right!

You say you have a pretty strong past relationship so I don't see this as being something that she will take the wrong way. But in the end how she ultimately reacts is her choice, and only she can make it. You've already done as much as you can, and you sent out a tremendous amount of energy in your effort, I would recommend that you real in some of that emotional energy and use it in other endeavors for now. You can, and are allowed, to love more then one soul! It's a give and take situation, and you gave, it's time for her to decide about giving back! Deep Breath!

06/14/14 09:40:11PM @realfaction:

Thank you Bill. I have my doubts about her now but we have had a strong relationship and I'd like to this all this happened because of her, so we'll see I guess. It's been over a week or now and she still has said nothing, so I'm almost assuming she's like "to heck with that guy" but i don't know....we'll see I guess. But yes, I'm regaining strength and detached myself from her for the time being. That video was the last thing I was supposed to do for her unless she responds to it. We'll see.