If you were abused....

By: RealFaction
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...then you should watch this video I made. I have been listening to the voice lately guiding me and said to make the woman I had a vision about (who i've loved for 5 years old friend of mine) this video because she has been through a lot of abuse in the past and I'm supposed to help her find who she really is.

06/08/14 11:36:36AM @realfaction:

awwwhh!!! How sweet of him :) no i'm glad you shared that, and thanks!

06/08/14 11:54:15AM @realfaction:

Awwh I really hope so :) it was on my heart to do this, I felt guided, the voice told me to do it for her and how to do it so I'm sure hopefully it will :) I think more of us should be understood and people need to know more and love more. Much love to you.

06/08/14 04:15:49PM @realfaction:

Thanks Roy! :) I hope this helps you and them as well.

06/09/14 01:23:45AM @realfaction:

Aww, well it's definitely something to think about. I became an introvert as well, but now I'm trying to get out more. Just a lot of people are busy at my age lol. I'm sorry to hear all of that though. It takes time to heal and people to love you to get through all of it. Lean on those in your life who you can connect to if you can, but if you don't have someone like that, follow your heart, and be patient, someone will come around :)