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Well this has been a story I've told many times, with a LONG version, so I'll try to shorten this. This is what's been happening lately on top of the vision I had. This is about a woman I've had the strongest connection with I've ever had in my life the past 5 years. We're both Empaths. I recently saw a vision last week of a young woman getting hit in the face by a man in a red hat and shirt (maybe hoody). She was crying, running, terrified. I was driving on the way home and it made it scarier. This was my first vision I've ever had in my waking life. Not only did I see it, I EXPERIENCED everything she did, minus the physical pain (but i felt the blows).

Recently I was guided to 2 empaths and they both told me important things, I was guided to them to help them, but they also had important info for me. I now know more about this woman. This is a woman I used to know, I already knew from the vision, but this is a woman I thought manipulated me, because she didn't talk to me for so long. BUT, I was so terribly wrong. One of the Empaths is similar to her and understands her, and explained she was probably scared and LOVES me. I was shocked. Another day, a few days ago, I was driving home again and tears came out of nowhere, well about to, I didn't cry though, but I felt such sadness! It was her. I knew it. There was a VOICE TELLING ME "HELP HER" over and over again!

I knew I had to message her, and so I did. Said basically, "I know it's weird hearing from me after all this time" and told her the vision. She was happy to hear from me even after i deleted her last year, she wasn't mad at me! All along she was scared to talk to me because she loves me so much, so my friend explained, and what she explained pairs up dead on with how she's been acting, she will deny how she feels my friend said. But the young woman I messaged, said it was her ex, her son's FATHER, who abused her and she said it WAS terrifying. I saw a vision of the future, of him coming back into her life, BUT, now it is possibly prevented because I warned her of the danger :).

I told her I still care about her and want her to be safe. She was very thankful. I believe this to be the woman I've been supposed to be with. I've been in love with her for the past 5 years deep down, and I guess well...she has been in love with me all along :). This is a very strange journey we've had, off and on, talking, not talking. I made her a song, tell me what you think! PS: Don't mention I'm an Empath on any of my music related stuff, my fans don't know. Thank you guys for all your support, I remember there were times I thought I was hearing things, it was her voice crying out to me even years ago and I didn't realize it! She's an Empath too! She didn't know, so I told her about it. I'm teaching her things :).

Before I go and share this song about her, any advice on how I can help her open up? I think though I may be fine as is and know what to do. Here it is! Real Faction is my main artist name, but Lectrix is my side project and the debut album of that comes in Fall, this is an early release. I'll post the youtube version once it's up, I'll be putting lyrics in the video.

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Thanks! Will do :)