Life as a Blue Aura Empath Post #1

By: RealFaction
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I know there's a lot of blogs about being an Empath, but I thought it would be interesting to be more detailed on what it's like living with a certain aura color, because that makes Empaths different from each other. If you read about the aura color meanings, and meet people with different aura colors, you'll know what I mean.

Now mind you, there are times I am sad that I am an Empath, simply because I have a Blue Aura, which according to online research, is one of the most sensitive aura colors, if not THE most sensitive, and sometimes, that is a heavy burden to carry. Now I have Light Blue, but since a month ago, sometimes it changes to a darker blue, and I feel more energy and more sensitive to the point of being so overwhelmed. Now with my future posts, I'm not sure if ALL Blue Aura Empaths experience this, mind you, but this is simply what I experience.

Now, being 22, since a few years ago, there's at least one or two changes I go through every year with my growing development as an Empath. I can see aura colors (not everyone can do this, this may not have to do with your aura color to do this), but only in person. I am VERY sensitive to energy, and can feel that through the internet and cellphones, so I can also read people online. Sometimes, I can see people's memories, and feel their intentions like animals can. I can tell if someone is lying, feel when someone is sad even though they seem happy, etc.

I can work with my own energy and send it into someone else, I can read even pictures as long as there's eye contact, I can sometimes tell you what they were thinking in that picture and how they felt at that moment. I can shield myself, I can use telepathy to speak to you but I am still practicing that, it mainly works best with people I'm close to or other Empaths. I can also see energy in the environment and objects, and I can see trails of energy that connect to me, apparently now.

I have been learning about all this mainly since I was 18, but I've been mainly working with all this for the past 2 to 3 years. My main thing is the fact I can feel energy and emotions to a highly sensitive level, and more as I grow, which scares me. It's been very hard to deal with, but I'm trying better. I feel if I was in a relationship, I would have a better grip on things because lately I've felt like I need love and comfort, support. I'm not needy, but it would definitely help, and besides, I've been wanting to pour my love into someone awesome, as well as receive it. I'm finally ready, but I didn't used to be.

If anything changes or I have an experience regarding any of this, I'll be posting, but hopefully won't be this long next time :P

- John