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So lately I've been down in a rut, from personal issues and that I failed at being an Empath. I had tried almost everything, from meditating for two hours a day to going out in public and trying to reach someone. Soon I had just started giving up and just try my best to block everything out. Till my friend Hannah who knows about me being an Empath touched my hand and started sending me good energy. Well she tried too but as soon as she touched my hand I recoiled and said "Don't you dare try anything, I don't want your energy or thoughts. Leave me alone" That's when I realized I've been doing it all wrong. Instead of taking in the other persons energy I've just been touching it. Like when you walk on the edge of a forest all your doing is getting close and you can only see so far, you have to go in the forest to find out whats really there. So as soon as I realized this I have started doing it how it's supposed to be done and I'm actually getting somewhere! I'm starting to get hope that maybe I really can be a good Empath. Maybe I can really be better than what I am. It feels really good to have hope again. And now I've decided that if my mother wont talk to me about what I am and what she is then I'll just have to be better than her so she will have to see that I can be responsible and that I can handle whatever this big bad secret is. Wish me luck! 

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Comment by Kat on February 17, 2014 at 3:26pm
Speaking of moms....
Boy was I in for a surprise. She has openly shared her abilities as long as I can remember.
The other day I sent her a message suggesting that since we have such similar experiences, perhaps some of the anger and snippyness she has been having towards my dad (her own description of it) is coming from her picking up his confusion (dementia). And that maybe if she could find a way to stop herself from absorbing this negative energy it would be a little better. Can you say OOOOOOPS!
once I finally got thru to her that I was talking about her also being an empath and how it could be effecting her, well, she said "I love you daughter", and didn't talk to me again for over a week!

Because she has always been open to my being an empath but I guess she didn't want to deal with herself being one as well.
Comment by inlanddan on February 13, 2014 at 5:08pm

Hi Ircife, you really can't fail at this. For me I can't just read everyone on the spot. Some yes others take time. We are all in a constant learning period forever. Your mom may not know what you are and some people think this all hocus pocus stuff. Many people are very close minded to thing of this nature.


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