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A Lesson In Manifesting Your Dreams

I have been working on this project since the middle of last year. I'm a tactile learner so more often that not, i learn from experience. An yway's, I was a bit bummed for the last few weeks and yesterday I actually got mad. I've had some "dreams" that I wanted manifested and have struggled with Faith. 'which "faith" by the way will probebly be my next lesson,lol. Anyway's Over time, which I will explain later, the core of passions and dreams is the desire. It sounds like a no brainer, but desire is much more deeper than what most people realize. Our desires reside in our inner being, what I call "the core self". This is the most basic part of ourselves where emotions and thoughts are stemmed from. Inside this inner core is where our true desires are, and by being able to recognize these desires, ih how we learn to understand and manifest. I wish they would teach, but I have yet to find a book to explain this, and this is why some of our dreams do not manifest. For example, I had a dream for many years to finish school, but the doors always seemed to close. Part of my frustration last night was because last year I started school and was forced to quit because for whatever reason, they wouldn't take care of my financial aide. So in turn, with another year here, I'm not in school, and hence feel like I failed again.. I also lost my faith in CA because I have gone home twince in the last 5 years and each time they didn't work out. So I became angry, I have this desire, it is huge , but nothing works, so all of this " you gotta have the will and desire" seemed like a bunch of crap to me. I finally spent a little time listening to some meditative music and grounded myself, which worked wonder's. I prayed last night and asked God to explain this to me. It's not our mental desires, but the desires of the soul. It's our core desires that truely manifest, but sometimes our core desires conflict or may not be what we think they are. For instance, the first time I moved back to CA was during my seperation from my ex and my kids and I started over. At first me priority was to find work and get them in a place to live. Though the houseing was temporary, it was given to us. (The greater the need, the quicker it seems to manifest) Over time, my desire was to find someone who would love me and the kids, who was my soulmate and a relationship that would last. As a token of my sincerity, I promised that if he brought this person to me, I would do everything to break down the walls and not sabotage it, not throw it away like I always do. So he moved me out of CA to Arizona, where I met him. Even though I didn't want to leave CA, it was neccesary to leave in order to find the person I desired. He is from CA to, so over time, we moved back, but we did it stupidly. Though we were happy, we were unable to find a permanent place to live and my desire greater shifted from CA
to haveing a permanent roof over my children's head. Though I wanted it there, my desire for a home for the kids was so great that it no longer mattered. So he brought us out to Colorado where we could get a faily inexpensive home, the kids were in a safe place, and we were able to find work with ease. The point is, is that our truest desires, the desires of the soul is what we push to manifest. My desire for school, wasn't to go back to school, at least not those types of school, because we deepest desire is to become a spiritual councilor, the degree was merely something i thought I needed to do this. But I am manifesting my dream, even though I didn't realize it, because I've been working on this lesson plan per se for over 6 months, when it's complete I think I will have a full system worked out,lol, I have manifested a talk radio show, and doing everything that actually brings joy to my soul. Now that I've figured out how this works, the block I'm experienceing with CA is that I know what I desire for the children will outweigh my desire for myself. And my desires for the children, there is a possibily that we may not be able to gove that to them there. So I need to shift my priorities, a big niice house in a place we hate, or settle for a townhouse or smaller place in a place that they will love. And this goes deeper into decerning my perception of importance for the kids. Is it more important for them to live in a big roomy home, or to be able to enjoy life to it's fullest in aplace that we all love. Our desires will often conflict and our desires will often manifest through our greatest needs. By understanding this, we can find out where our desires do not line up and either re prioritize or get rid of desires that will conflict with what our overall vision of life is. This experience has been very helpful to me and I hope it helps other's. Eventually, I'll go into how to do that, but for now, I have some inner work to do. This is where the vision board comes in. Thanks Diane for the suggestion :)

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Comment by Retrogirl on January 8, 2010 at 6:56am
Found it!

Now, it's gettin' so I'm mad
When someone says your name,
Cause I've had to say good-bye
To friends who couldn't stay away,
Sometimes it felt so wrong
To never want to lean on you
They stand tall,
But I've got 2 feet too.

Now they talk with you in bars
Around a quiet beer,
And they tell their tales of mined gold stones
When no one else can hear,
But later on, outside
They say they're gettin' on a plane,
To fly away, and live in you again.

My friends all call you home,
And if you take away another,
I'll be that much more alone,
Is it my fault that my kind
Are always drawn toward the sun?
Like a child to hold
Whenever darkness comes.

Now in a few more years,
I won't remember what it was to play
The music of old friends who need
To live so far away,
But can I once taste more than waters,
Then forsake them for the south,
To feel California's ashes in my mouth.

Oh California,
My friends all call you home,
And if you take away another,
I'll be that much more alone,
Is it my fault that my kind
Are always drawn toward the sun?
Like a child to hold
Whenever darkness comes.

Like a child goin' home
Whevever darkness comes.
Comment by Sandy B on January 4, 2010 at 4:40pm
Angel, I agree that our guides to somehow manage to get us to listen! I used to say (in my pre-spirit guide years) that I had horseshoes up my butt because things always managed to work out, no matter how bad they got first. I've since hung up my horseshoes & now consult my guides. ;)
Comment by Retrogirl on January 4, 2010 at 3:38pm
Hi Angel,
I feel your pain about this situation. I moved to Nova Scotia because I knew it was my home. I never would've believed it before I came here just how much of a difference the right place can make in your life. I didn't have any children to consider, so even though I left my entire family behind, it was a no-brainer. I only wish I'd done it sooner! Anyway, it kills me every time you talk about it because I know you belong there. I keep hearing Stan Rogers' song 'California' in my head. I couldn't find a copy of the lyrics for you. If you get a chance to download it, it's a great song, but I digress.... it's been my experience that manifesting your desires is tempered by limiting beliefs. You don't get what you want, you get what you believe. I can't help but feel like there's something in you that says you can't have it all. Why can't you have a nice home AND a nice place to live? I'm just trying to say there's a disconnect there somewhere. I keep feeling like this is connected to your inner child work, too.
Comment by Angel on January 3, 2010 at 9:36pm
Thank you for your comments.
Connie,It sounds like you've been there and I'm happy that you can find happiness and comfort in your new home, or old,lol, where you are now. I think it would be easier to except if my family could accept being here, but everyone, especially my husband can't stand it here. This is actually his third time being here and he struggled each time. I know things happen for reasons that we may not often understand, but I'm learning that there may be some truth to how we make choices and how they effect our lives. I think the secret lies deeper within, is what I'm learning. Like when you saw your husband come home that day, I think your priority desire changed, because your marriage and husband's happiness was more important to you than your own. What a lucky man he is, indeed. I'm not saying there is no such thing as divine intervention, because I believe there is, but this is simply a theory I've been toying with. Thanks for your story, one day we will be able to be in a place that we can accept and hopefully over time learn to love. :)
Lynn, Thank you again for your kind words. You have a tendancy of reminding me what life is truely about, giveing love and blessings wherever you go. An aspect I hope to regain again, :) May bl;essings come upon you in a each day.
Sandy,I have a tendancy of doing that myself from time to time, and something happens or someone, usually spiritual happens and comes to intervene. Last night, I guesse my biggest reminder came when my husband and I went to bed and we heard some louds bangs from the kitchen. Everyone was sleeping. The we heard some hissing sounds come from the bathroom, so I went to check and husband went to check on the kids. The cat was in the far room with my oldest son. So we layed back in bed and I told "ok, I'm listening",lol and I got my answer with no more bangs and stuff. I think sometimes it's easiet to loose faith than to gain it, but our Higher Power dousn't give up so easily. I think when our minds can finally be still , is when the asnswers we seek, we can truely find. I think our will and our desires are one in the same, because when we truely need something, this is when it manifests the strongest and most quickly. Keep the faith,it's more real than you'll ever realize :)
Comment by Sandy B on January 3, 2010 at 12:22pm
That's a huge step, Angel! I hope you are able to tell us the "how" of manifesting some day. I've been struggling with a similar issue myself. I was quite down myself for about a month & questioning my "faith" in all of this & had decided that I had made up my guides, the spirits we were crossing over, etc. I was asking for help & it just wasn't coming so I decided that I was just kidding myself. It took a day or so & some talks with a dear friend & my boyfriend to realize that what was happening was all real, it was just me who had unrealistic expectations of what "help" is. Just because it wasn't materializing the way I thought it should, didn't mean it wouldn't & in the best way for me. I backed off & put out my intent & then just left it to "them" or "the universe" to sort out the details. Suddenly I was on this site learning all sorts of things & then I dreamed a plotline for a novel. I'm hoping that means that things are finally manifesting they way they were intended to.


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