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Auras, colours meanings and interpretations

By: pinkrose
Posted in: Psychic
I usually see colours in a whole new light since being empathic, do others experience the same?

When I see visions via dreams or thoughts, sometimes they can be symbolic for types of moods,thoughts, even abstract paintings and mandalas if anyone's ever used them (relaxation/art therapy).

Last year I used mandalas alot, before I was aware of my empathic ability. Colours that I used had to be very specific, once it was complete I could see the emotions and wants and desires within people's souls, sometimes knowing theyre personal information that they most likely would not disclose except with close partners. The completed pictures would give me a full understanding of theyre internal states.

Each colour and it's shade and the intensity/transparency represented mental/physical/emotional states of theyre being.

I would notice if consciously certain topics were discussed how later on a subconscious they would feel some internal uplifting, a sense of belonging, reassurance, etc. It usually worked on people that weren't as aware of my purpose of initiating some conversations which were perfectly normal and nothing untoward about them. I love reading body language it's always been 2nd nature to me, I don't know where it came from but its always been a persistent part of my internal characteristic.

I would love to (not in an obvious manner) observe peoples own mandalas and what colours they used, with lots of other things the nature of the coloured, how much time they spent, what they were thinking and how it was affecting them in what they did without acknowledging how it was impacting them..

I worked with a lady who suffered from depression quite severely (this was many years before my empath days).. I'm very reserved in person, I observe and learn my surroundings and people, ensure I'm comfortable then begin to adapt and analyse everything I'm in contact with. I guess that's why many people notice I'm shy and quiet and can take a long time for me to come out of my shell around them. So this lady had been in treatment for many years, various types of psychological therapies and medications had been used to no significant affect. At this stage when she had begun electro convulsive therapy, which although I understand it was a last resort to help this lady, it was some what still unethical to me and it intrigued me to see what outcome it would bear if any at all..

For the time I spent with her, I noticed how people would interact with her, what methods they would utilise and I saw what they were doing wrong or perhaps what they hadn't tried. Her care of course was there for her, staff from juniors to seniors would try of what they could from they what they were taught as part of trainings.

So I had tried theyre methods to no avail, so one one day i thought I'm going to try something different, I will make it about her to initiate a conversation, anyone would be lucky to get more than a couple of sentences out of her (she suffered from suicidal and tormenting thoughts, often which were very destressing to her.

I remember sitting next to her on the bench and it might sound selfish, but I initiated a conversation around things she once used to enjoy and made it about myself and not her. She'd been listening for about a minute or two and she turned to look at me, a reaction I never saw from her, ever, her face lit up, and instead of me asking her questions she began to ask me instead, as she continued I began to smile in awe and we probably spoke for a few minutes. I remember telling my mentor about it and she was amazed, my time was short and I still think of her till this day.. sometimes I underestimate my own abilities and think should I have shared this with others to embark on something similar? There's so many of these minuscule moments I've had that I always think perhaps I could have done more and made an actual difference.

This lady always wore a deep red jumper and black trousers, looking back at that moment now it feels as though the red represented a love she had in her heart for perhaps her own children, but distressing thoughts would taunt her with torture of other children that she's go out looking for saying they need help.. black signified how deep her depression was.

Of course that's not to say people.dont like to co ordinate what they wear and what they like, but to me personally it begs the question where does our love and desire for certain colours originate from?

IV personally never had a favourite colour, but there was a period where I became very fond of deep purple/violet,.lilac too, I look back at it now and see that was a time where I was internally somewhat distressed, and I seeked internal calm and peace, now it also means a sense of assertiveness not through being mean but staying grounded for what I believe is right whether anyone agree or not..

Peace and love to all..

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