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10/18/11 04:52:14PM @onetrubeliever:

Hi Phyllis. Thanks for the warm welcome! It seems we have at least a couple of things in common. My son just turned 24 and I too, have two dogs, one of whom is sensitive to the spirits in my home. She recognizes their names when I mention them. My other girl doesn't pay too much attention to them unless her sis is scared.

I'm not sure if I'm an empath or not. I do have the ability to feel energies from objects - like antiques in a store. It may be all of the energies together that I feel, I don't know. Also, when I hold or wear amethyst, it feels really warm, but is cool to the touch.

My son sees more of the shadows than I do, but he doesn't want to talk with them. He doesn't want to compromise his stability. He does like the shadows tho. I can hear them, but only see a bit of them, so far anyway.

I look forward to talking with you and the others. Thanks again for the welcome.

onetruebeliever (Kathy)

Jodi Hill
12/02/11 04:28:21PM @jodi-hill:

HI phyllis. thank you for wanting to add me as a friend. warm welcome to you and bless you. I currently have 2 darling mischievous puppies. male and female about 10 weeks old now. part beagle/bassett. my daughter is 25 with a 3 year old boy and my son is 23 with a 16 month old girl. i also have 2 stepkids and another 2 year old grand daughter. I hope to chat with you more..

12/05/11 06:58:28AM @le:

The autistic kids were always my fave's.. so interesting and really many of them have greatpersonalities.

Thanks for adding me as a friend.

Jodi Hill
12/11/11 09:03:29AM @jodi-hill:
thank you so much for your help and support. it is always much appreciated.
Scott Yates
03/21/15 09:12:11AM @scott-yates:
Happy Birthday