Can two empaths love each other?

By: Peter
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Confusion reigns here. I can focus. I can meditate. I am better at blocking out the din. I do not sleep. I have created a non draining world for myslef. Complete, compact, functional.....except no deep connection to another. Many love me, few, if any, know me. I can do alone. But do I have to?

Societal boundaries do not allow for me.....spiritual boundaries...well really there aren't any are there? I cannot grow/ be sustained by anything other than the connection I miss. It passes by from year to year, always in an unattainable soul.....I stand like a passenger on a subway platform....watching trains pass endlessly, a knowing face pressed to the window smiles as it passes in an instant but the trains never stop for me, or if they do the doors never open. Only an emapth can ease this need. So is it possible for two empaths to cojoin for the journey? Is it my karma to wait? I give, I care I do all I can to do right yet still.....I wait.

03/08/10 07:57:25AM @peter:
Constantly searching, for many years now...your comments are welcome...I am not waiting in stone silence...much to know...
03/09/10 11:02:32PM @bluecrystalangel:
Hello, Peter.Yes it is indeed possible for two empaths to fall in love with one another, if you are speaking of soul mate and/or twin flame connection. For I met my twin flame on here. He is also my soul mate, my true love. We are both empaths. My true love's name is Crispy. Here is a blog I wrote about true love. I hope this is what you were referring to.Hugs,bluecrystalangeltrue-love
03/11/10 06:54:53AM @peter:
Thanks so much for all the positive feelings. It is hard to examine ones life and resolve past decisions when faced with what appears to be a closing window of opportunity. Confusion reigns supreme still here....I feel, I think, I act.....I do not yet know.