Reaching out....

By: Peter
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Look I am sure most everyone here is legit in what we feel. I am overwhelmed by my discoveries here in recent days about the whoel empath thing. Explains almost all the paths in my life. Sorry to sound needy but it scares me a lot. I have, through expereince, learned how to make it work for me without being fufilled by my actions......crazy huh? maybe it ain't really working?.....surviving is a better word.....Can't always block out the din and I genreally generate a lot of my own......hoping to get a grip on it all before I hurt anyone. Rambling is a great way to introduce oneself, huh? Its all to real and physical for me to just cage it inside....any suggestions? I could use some peace. If it is possible to feel another empath thru text then you already know how thankful I am to be here.
03/01/10 01:58:15PM @peter:
thanks Alisa and Alexandra...guess we are startting alphabetically....haha. I am in a blender most days. Sleep is rare. Trying the survival kit. Skiing on the mountain is all the peace I get lately. Feel attached to a new abused friend/empath too....I carry her with me...she needs the help and is isolated.....complex it all is, simple it all seems.....hmmm. Can't focus her but the light from her is the brightest I have ever felt.....?? My need to help her and understand is what led me here...I think.....