Hmmm harsh....not how I see me but accurate

By: Peter
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Was called harsh onI think. Times is tough...everywhere from your checkbook to your heartstrings wheel......I don't think the oprah/Dr. Phil approach to living is worth a crap. Go along to get along has gotten the universe into the death spiral we empaths have been feeling for a while. Too many planets and not enough comets as far as I can see. Being an empath is WORK.....its HARD to survive and GROW in a self indulgent woe is me I think the empath army needs to be tough...tougher than the emotional vampires who suck the culture and life from us all. I firmly believe I control my path...nothing is predetermined....the gift of empath allows meinsight normals can'teasily or quickly access as we can. Its a real responsibility to live right.....sorry no wimps allowed....all the support you want here but if you got no spine.....back of the line.I believe in the empath army, we are more than genetic anomalies or "spirit guides".....evil has won too much in recent days on all levels from my perch....if its going to go down soonIwant to be emboldened by souls who aren't wimps; empaths who have my back so to speak......courage is a product of hard work and belief....hows yours?

12/19/11 09:37:39AM @angel:

I love your stregnth , just keep in mind everyone is on different stages of the evolution of the soul. We must each go at our own pace during the path of self discovery or we may miss an important lesson.

We each learn from one another, even those who are not ready to face the shadows within. It is the strong that give them strength and it is the weak that allows us to discover our own weaknesses. We each give each other purpose and meaning. The ultimate goal is not change, it's connection. Learning to connect with one another, connecting with the energies around us, connecting to life force that each person, spirit, plant and creature has.

Be gentle with those who may not be where you are yet, for it is people like yourself who will help them get there.

Blessed Be:)

12/19/11 03:45:48PM @peter:

thanx for your comments season makes for a ton of psychic noise......I agree with your approach but feel this week the empath army needs a cheerleader with armor lest the connections you speak of get ultimate goal is peace and balance.....connections not withstanding...sometimes, for empaths, that path is via broken connections, especially those which drain the spirit. You are, as always, a light to me.