Over a year since I have been here........

By: Peter
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Hi all,

Building a new life is work...haha. I have set free from my life the things and souls which sought to devour me. I have discovered a person of quality who replenishes me with ease. I worked for a bit fora deceiver who cut me loose because I would not turn to the dark side. I worry for the world of confused ones beign exploited daily by the media and others. I am more empath than ever, solid, rested, and needing a task. i trust I am not the only one feeling the pending changes coming. Politics? Money? Tribal warfare? conservative, moderate, liberal...all labels for different ways to hate.......gee whats next haha.......there are still rainbows after the rain, birds still sit on my deck and sing for me so tell me what you think is going on?....I for one am fearless, always have been, but now thatI am settledI am more curious than ever to plug into the coming flow and help make it yield the good we all need to see. I used the phrase "namaste my toy" and it brought a loving caring heart into my orbit, feeling guilty I have not given back much lately......what do you need?

Nocturne's Angel
10/27/11 09:17:05PM @nocturnes-angel:

Truth be told I need a clearer head with which to function.(Cold is kicking by butt)

Otherwise, I'm fine :)

Are you participating in the 10/28/2011 or the 11/11/2011 events?

Have a good day/night/weekend...


10/31/11 08:16:41AM @peter:
Details notwithstanding Rose. I was employed by a woman who claimed to be one thing and as I discovered she was much less than that; I walked away from that psychic drain. Not the best decision financially but at least I sleep at night. haha.