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I am not afraid. I have never been afraid. Everywhere I roam we are preached at to be afraid. It sickens me. Be afraid you are not pretty enough. You are not rich enough. Be afraid of criminals.....or politicians....or evil doers. Be afraid of food, of chloesterol, of disease, of being alone. Be fearful that you won' thave enough wealth to live along life. Be afraid of liars. Be afraid of being weak. Be afraid of being excluded. Be afraid of losing. Be afraid of death. Be afraid to dream too much. Be afraid of being afraid.......I am sick of the fear based reality I must swim through on a daily basis. I AM NOT AFRAID.

Fear is a collar worn by too many...tehered to too few who know too little about too much. It enslaves billions and empowers a few.

SO I stand above and scream I am not afraid. And you should not be either. What is accomplished by fear? Caution? NO. Salvation? I think not. Can we learn from fear....? hardly. Has it ever led to a discovery?...hmmm no.

Watch the weather channel and they preach fear 24/ do all news outlets...except during xmas week when even the fear mongers need a few days off....unless you need to be fearful that you did not acquire the perfect gift for someone.

Fear is everywhere....I will never be afraid of success or failure. Fear is the biggest negative in the universe...and we sit by and watch as culture after culture worldwide preaches it to the next generation. I will not be afraid. There is no real courage in risk. No bravery in agression. But there is dignity in not being afraid. And honor in helping others to shed their fears. I am not afraid.

06/02/10 07:02:01AM @peter:
C-siren....Share what you will...i am sure your judgement is sound in such matters....haha. Fear is the ultimate control mechanism. Sad to see soo many blunted by it.