Continuing journey.....

By: Peter
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Been trying to understand the value of humility more lately. Seems ironic that I have recently been able to ask the universe for some pretty outrageous accomodation and it has responded almost like a trained servant....I need to be appreciative and humble in the the presence of such gifts......hard not to ask for more too soon but I guess that is the nature of trying to do good in this life....never enough good to go around.....lots of strife and pain available to be shared. It would appear to me that in such a downwardly spiraling economy, which is slowly sucking down almost everyone I touch, that there seems to be a balancing upward spiral of spiritual growth. Ying and yang I suppose. Currently helping to balance the spirits of three who are all to me...and I feel no burden about it...such a change from a few weeks ago.......interesting, tiring in a good way, to quote sarah mclachlan...."so tired of the straightlife, with vultures and thieves at your back, storm keeps of drifting, keeps on building the lies that you make up for all that you lack....." Peace...

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