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@paul • 6 days ago • comments: 0
Responded to "Seeing other worldly beings - Question":
"Dragons are a type of energy being that may still be around and hidden in the physical. Most associate them as evil creatures but they are not. I've no doubt..."
@paul • one month ago • comments: 0
Responded to "Sage?":
"Sage is like Hop-Daddy says mostly mosquito repellent. There are situations where it is ineffective and the big guns need to be brought out. Even then its is..."
@paul • one month ago • comments: 10
Commented on @hop-daddy:
"Hello friend. I want to let you know that I keep checking and lots of stuff has been cleared each time. However, the answer is still the same that you have..."
@paul • last year
Survived Irma.

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