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On Being Empathic

By: Paul Watkiss
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On Being Empathic........I'm not keen on labels or words that identify traits ( although I understand that they are necessary in terms of describing people etc) as individuals are always so much more than a collection of unlinked descriptive adjectives.That being said, I agree that I fit the criteria of being ' empathic'. It's a strange gift to have, that is to say it is not formally recognised and far more people know nothing about it than do. It's not easy to bring up in conversation, it's not something that you can put on your CV as a skill or pastime yet to me it is as real and tangible as anything in my life that I consider as 'reality'.I often doubt myself on occasions, am I crazy? Am I delusional?Nevertheless I seem to be unerringly accurate, I feel others emotional frequency, their needs, desires, their potential futures and their past. Their past to the point that I see the child within the adult. And if you need 'fixing' I am more than capable of helping.However this is where I may jeopardise myself. I can see, hear and feel you in great depth and you will know that too. The jeopardy comes from myself as I unconsciously and for me, naturally begin to heal all your wounds. My energy transfers to you, to fill all those needs that have been left unrequited, to soothe you, to make you feel more 'whole'.The risk is that from experience I may lose myself, become lost in you. I may be entirely absorbed into your world and lose any sense of self. When this has happened before, especially in close relationships, the closeness that I feel is intense but has inevitably lead to me being discarded once all my 'healing' has been utilised by the other. They have then moved on, stronger than before but at the expense of my love. This lesson I have learnt the hard way.
Kit Kat
05/16/16 11:18:49PM @kit-kat:

Wow, what a great post.. Sometimes I see the 'children' within adults, too. And often the future adults within the children as well :)

It is definitely hard to help someone, and then be forgotten about. (Kind of like that book 'The Giving Tree). I wish all people were empaths, sometimes.

Oh and you're not alone in doubting, but I think the fact that we doubt ourselves just proves that we see and feel so much more, and that our minds and hearts naturally go deeper.

06/05/16 02:57:30PM @ambre:

Hi Paul. That really is a great post, especially the second paragraph. Have you tried shielding? I'm new to it myself. I've recently started to use it more while at home with my parents who can zap every ounce of energy from me in seconds. I doubted it at first. I find it funny that even though we experience so much out of the ordinary, we're still skeptical of everything. But I didn't have a choice, it was shield or lose my mind. I envisioned a blue bubble around me one afternoon as my parents were arguing over something ridiculous and petty (as usual) and for once, I was able to sit in the room and not lose it. I could see their words bouncing off of my bubble and nothing got to me. I mean, I was mildly irritated, because, who wouldn't be? lol. But it worked very well, so I had much more confidence in it after that. The only potential downside I see to that is having to shield myself so often that it becomes second nature and I'll have to one day make an effort to bring the shield down as opposed to putting it up.