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Suffer not the Children

By: Paul Watkiss
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For me, having what can only be described as 'empathic' tendencies means many things, far too many to mention here. One of the main ones however is that I tend to know why others act in certain ways or become the people they are. Most individual characteristics be it the ability to empathise, enjoy or not enjoy certain aspects of life or whatever seem to stem from childhood experience. The spoilt child who feels they have a right to certain things, the fatherless or motherless child who may seek to compensate in their own adult relationships. Most people seem to me to either be indifferent to other peoples suffering or seem all to ready to create it in order to promote themselves in some way.

The point I'm making is that an empaths life can often feel lonely because whereas many people judge, castigate and ridicule others, we, myself included feel nothing but compassion. Compassion is a really difficult thing to share I find as many see it as weak or being too 'soft'.
However it is extremely important to maintain this attitude in the face of such lack of understanding. It is even more difficult as we often find ourselves alone in our compassion for others.
As has already been said, we need to be the change we wish to see in others.