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I believe many of us who have some degree of empathic trait have found themselves walking a more spiritual path for many reasons, one of which ( and I include myself ) is due to traumatic events in our younger years. These have led us to question our lives and society as well as to seek out why many problems exist for us as humans. These are my current thoughts :

I'm quite cynical about academic qualifications which seem to have to be a precursor for anyone to be able to publically comment on life and its themes / goals etc. Academia in any subject because of its very nature serves to blinker the individual to their field whereas in real life there is no black and white, no discernable division between anything only what the human mind and senses suggest.

At a very basic level it seems individuals have varying degrees of awareness outside themselves. There are those whose life is lived in a very mechanical, egoistic manner where little or nothing is percieved outside of themselves . For want of a better term there are then perhaps HSP's and people with empathic qualities who are able to understand and incorporate others emotions and feelings in an altruistic way. This then gives rise to a more holistic approach to living in that any other is not just discounted.

One could say individuals can go further, indeed the experience of Advaita suggest that perhaps the ultimate reality is one of nonduality ( as suggested by quantum physics and many Eastern belief systems ).

The fact is that as a species the human race lives a paradoxical reality. In that as humans we all have more or less the same needs i.e. to be safe, secure, loved, acknowledged, to protect those we care for and to fight those that may threaten us. Thus most our life and energy is spent ensuring a basic level of survival, that is survival of the self and those close to us. This however is in contrast to those people who have seen beyond this and have to acknowledge that in some way we are all individually responsible for the wellbeing of all others, perhaps even of other life forms be it plants and animals. To a lesser degree the need to minimise any harm which may be a result of our actions.

If everyone was to accept this idea it would radically turn around human ( and the planets ) pattern of existence. We would have to accept our presence as only part of an immeasurably linked web of co-existence and thus remove ourselves from being a dominating force in the suppression of other species and as a parasitic race upon the Earth.

For this to happen is almost unimaginable as the dropping of I ness and ego centred behaviour by individuals and countries would lead them to perhaps being vulnerable to exploitation by others who cannot or are unable to subscribe to this premise. There is therefore seen the need to continue the idea of dualities / distinctions and the existence of others.

The only other that ways the change may materialise is possibly

  • a slow, gradual change in individual consciousness over time leading to an eventual consensus of understanding. This is hard to believe as despite our access to information / education is now so more than ever there seems to be no shift in perspective.

  • -The other possibility is that due to some man made or natural catastrophe that the human developmental path is altered drastically and a new set of constructs emerge with the change necessitated by this substantial catalyst.

The latter could almost be seen as the planets / universes response to creating a more cohesive and less damaging ecosystem in which the world could exist more equitably. There may of course be other ways in which this transformation may take place, one can only guess.

In summary, there are many ideas / beliefs that falsely separate us as humans I.e I am a Christian / Buddhist / agnostic/ conservative/socialist. Also in terms of identifying oneself as a human and not part of the 'whole', the planet,the Universe. As long as humans think and act in terms of divisive adjectives and differentiate themselves from the whole of existence I feel our fate is predestined. One only has to look at the age of the Earth and the Universe to realise that our manifestation is most likely to be an indiscernable blip in the stream of time.

03/02/16 09:20:45PM @lotusfly:

I can see this. I also feel that in times like these it is best to have both a sense of individuality and a feeling of oneness with all. A balance between the two would be ideal. Because, I feel that, with the great shift into a spiritual world from the old world, us humans need our sense of individuality for survival amongst the nonascending, and connection with spirit to remind us of our origin, true self, and that there are others having this spiritual experience too :)

Plus, we're still in human form and being connected to our human form, we need some sense of self to navigate the changes.

03/04/16 12:24:36PM @visitor:

So many people will not let go of their "I" ness, at least not in this lifetime.

What you said about academia struck a chord. I worked in an academic environment for several years, and had to quit because it felt like darkness was closing in around me. I'm not the suicidal type, but I was thinking about it. Academia in my experience is indoctrination, and even though I agreed with a lot of the things they were teaching, I did NOT agree with the methods. People need to learn how to think for themselves, even if you don't personally agree with their ideas.