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Born into a Dream

By: Paul Watkiss
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We know you know.......

That feeling of being in isolation ( in terms of how we view life through the ego and the subsequent mass delusion of society itself ) is an unnatural state.
Although we do not 'remember' as such, at some level most of us are aware that living life as a human who's actions in life are the result of a belief of being separate is a falsehood.
Perhaps before we are 'born' and when we 'die' part of us again becomes seamlessly one with the universe, our essence again dissolved into all that is, into being complete, into peace.

As humans we seek a barely identifiable unity, a feeling of wholeness, of being complete. Some seek it through relationships, some through goal achievement, some through spiritual means and some still through intoxication of the senses leading to a dissolvement of the perceived boundaries of self.

This has gone on through all of man's existence and can be seen by his past and current belief systems i.e. building of stone circles ( signifying perhaps a 'unity' ), animism and actions to enable insight through meditation and prayer for instance.

Frustratingly many of us are aware that society largely is constructed in a way that works against this understanding.
How different life and relationships would be if from childhood we were all brought up with a sense of oneness with the world and each other.

03/01/16 01:15:17PM @lotusfly:

Beautiful post, Paul. Thank you for reconnecting me with my soul and spirituality. It's humbling how my moods change with the cosmos. Though that is the beauty of life...variety, change, and just going with it. Going with the flow :)

I do feel best and at peace and whole when I connect with my spiritual self and world. I appreciate people like you who reconnect me, bring me back down to Heaven on Earth. A world of being at peace :)

I don't know if there is a way to live in this spiritual euphoria all the time AND be productive in society. Is there a way we can all just float and be spiritual and not have worldly obligations? :)