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Mercury Retrograde

By Pat-Starbridge, 2015-05-29

Having been born during a Mercury retrograde, I'm usually not as affected but this one has been frustrating, annoying and funny. This particular retrograde is in Gemini so communications are really screwed up.

Last weekend, I asked a question on another chat group that had to do with communication with Spirit. One person within the group kept asking me questions that moved the discussion off from the topic. Like the old game of telephone, where the original message gets lost; people picked up the thread and kept replying. However, as the original question had gotten lost in miscommunication, they were giving me answers to a question that I hadn't asked. The end result was someone asked why I didn't communicate with Spirit which basically got me full circle back to the start of my question (without the answer).

Another trait that shows up during a retrograde is noticing when people are "speaking out of both sides of their mouth." A couple of individuals wrote that we can manifest anything we want and then several threads later wrote that we may never achieve what we want and may be poor but we should be grateful for whatever crumbs we're given. Watching the replies was similar to viewing a verbal tennis match - not between two people but between one person who managed to subdivide them self into two warring factions. It was fun!

As I still didn't get my question answered, I decided to try again. I was in retrograde hell and not about to quit. Dante at least got somewhere when he traveled through the 9 rings of hell in the Inferno. I was stuck circling around the same ring. And yes I do see the irony of asking a question about communication in the middle of a Mecury retrograde. I started a new post but was confronted again with the same block of confusion. I felt like Alice in Wonderland, who finds herself in more and more confusing conversations. Curiouser and Curiouser.


Then there was a separate situation that involved a whole series of conflicts. Luckily, I wasn't involved but watched from the side lines as everyone was angry and trying to exert their views and not listening to anyone else. Sort of like the image in the 5 of Wands. Added to this was the company that these people worked for - both the phones and the internet were working intermittently; "Okay, we're back up"..."Well, we're down again." And then there have been all sorts of fun road blocks and detours, both actual and symbolic.

We still have some more time with Mercury and even after it completes its retrograde there is what's called the shadow effect where the weird stuff may last several more days. As I would like to maintain some sense of humor, I leave you with this. (And yes, I nearly lost the image after editing.)

Thanks Mercury!


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Blood Moon 2014, Aries/Libra and finding balance

By Pat-Starbridge, 2014-10-08

Im posting this in answer to a question on the Empath Life, regarding the Blood Moon and feelings of anger.

This year, we have played a fun dance with Libra and Aries. Weve had the first lunar eclipse in Libra back in April (month of Aries/Spring) and now the second lunar eclipse in Aries in October (the month of Libra/Autumn). We also entered North Node Libra back in February 2014 which will continue until November 2015. North node astrology is related to the orbital nodes of the moon; its often known as karmic astrology. If youve never looked up your north node, its easy to do online and its a great learning tool.

In north node astrology, there are two directions north and south. The south node represents those patterns and behaviors that you came in with and the north node represents the direction that you are to take in this lifetime. Not all the south node tendencies need to be left behind just the less desirable ones as you merge into the patterns of the north node.

Regardless, of your own personal north node astrology; we are all under the influence of the Aries/Libra dynamic this year and next. Libra is the peacemaker, the one who sees both sides of the situation. Aries is usually portrayed as the warrior but its also the initiator, the energy that breaths passion into whatever it focuses on. This dance of the two signs is tricky for Libra often overlooks the self, while focusing on others; while Aries has a tendency to be me first.

Whether youre looking at personal issues or world events, you can see these energies playing out. We are learning to find the balance between our needs and those of others. When we move into the negative Libra side, we become too indecisive, our energy spins around, but we dont get anywhere. We put everyones needs first and then wonder why we feel left out of the picture. When we are in the negative aspect of Aries; we think only of our self and our needs and wants. We get what we want but it comes with a heavy price.

The word duality is often brought up on the EC and nowhere is there a better example than these two signs. What we are looking for is a compromise, a blending of the two. Some of the best aspects of the Libra energy are; diplomacy, seeing all points of view, looking for creative solutions and imbuing the world with beauty. Some of the best aspects of Aries are; the courage to move forward, being the initiator, bringing passion and energy to the world, becoming the pioneer, the innovator, and being a warrior for others while still maintaining ones sense of self.

So, back to the Blood Moon; we are now experiencing this lunar eclipse in Aries. The effects of this, are not just being felt today but will continue for about two weeks. There is usually a build-up prior to the event and a shadow effect following this is also true for other astrological events such as Mercury Retrograde and Saturn Returns.

Those who have Aries either as a Sun or Moon sign will be feeling the effects more than others; but the energy will affect all of us. This is a powerful, heavy-hitter energy and its not exactly subtle. So, expect feeling more tense and angry than usual. This is a time when past issues may come up and you may start to get angry. While acting out isn't suggested, don't try to ignore the emotion. Anger is a way of letting you know that something is off and needs to be looked at. We know that when our bodies are in pain, they are sending us a signal that something needs to be corrected - same is true for anger.

For those who are Aries or are strongly influenced by it, watch out for accidents, in general. Aries are somewhat accident prone, especially around the head. Dont be surprised to be getting more headaches and aches around the head, such as teeth. Aries rules the head, so this is where you may be feeling the pressure.

This eclipse is not all bad, as it signals a time when all of us can use the fiery energy of the sign to make changes in our life. In numerology, we are in a 7 year; a time of movement and transformation, so harness the energy and see what you want to remove from your life and what you wish to create.

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Empaths and Solar Storms

By Pat-Starbridge, 2014-09-12

This is just a reminder that we are experiencing a solar storm for a couple of days (Sept 12-13). In addition to the effect of this much energy on our power grids and satellites, our bodies can take a hit during this time. How we respond to this, is very individual; some people experience nothing, while others are either so exhausted they can barely move or are so hyper and wired that they could run laps around the neighborhood.

In addition, intense energy can cause exhaustion, aches, nausea, dizziness, becoming highly emotional, odd perceptions of time and space (reality feels weird). These are just a few of the symptoms.

We have had a number of these solar flares recently, but this one is considered to be very strong.

If you're suddenly not feeling life yourself; get some rest. Like everything else, this will pass.

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