Spring has definitely sprung here.

By: onetrubeliever
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What's it like in your neck of the woods? It looks like a repeat of last year already. We had about two weeks of early spring and then summer - with a vengeance. The summer type weather lasted until Thanksgiving.

It is 75 today and so lovely. My daffodils and jonquils are out and some trees are budding. The tulip trees, red buds, and pear trees are all in beautiful bloom. The cold weather things my hubby planted in the garden are coming up as well. The bush by my deck has been in bloom for two weeks - it's the bush we scattered our beloved dog Jasmine's ashes under. She adored digging there for the pure pleasure of digging.

This is going to be a bad allergy and bug season. It didn't get cold enough here for things to die. I have been taking allergy meds year round. I have also heard it's supposed to be a bad tornado season, too. Yikes! We can certainly do without that. Oh well. We must take some bad with the good. At least the air smells fresh and clean and the sun is shining.