"What a strange feeling!"

By: one_empath
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I was taking breakfast in one place, so happy and full of energy when suddenly I felt one strange feeling.

Now I was so sad! I thought to myself : "Wow why I am sad now when actualy I am so happy...". I felf one strange feeling in my throat and then in my chest. After I was so exhausted, I felt sooo bad.

Then decided to look around and to check what's going on. I noticed one woman on the table next to me. She was so disgusting, in such a bad mood. Her skin and face were so strange.

I realized - it wasn't me - this bad feeling is from that person next to me. She is so dangerous for me. Then I wanted to run!

Can anyone relate to my story? Is it probably an energy vampire!?

I felt so bad, upset and nervious. After I left the place I was again myself!!

Emmy Long
10/08/15 10:19:01PM @emmy-long:
Maybe an "energy vampire" though I consider those people just sad souls. But it's not their fault. Put your shield up (ask if you don't know how), and then send them all the love you can. We aren't gods, just people. Protect your own happiness and light, and then send them all of the light you can from God/Source/The universe you can (I can help you with this too). We have a gift, not a curse, we don't have to give our positivity and light and energy to these people. That happiness is ours. Keep it. Feel the love all around you from the higher power, and send THAT to them. It's endless. Pray for them if that's what you choose. <3
Kaitlyn Brokaw
10/09/15 09:23:28AM @kaitlyn-brokaw:

But did the woman appear to be unaffected on the outside?

People tend to not show their feelings and true self whilst out, perhaps you were seeing her for who she truly is. May have been an energy vampire as well and was just feeding off of your happiness. They tend to do that. Good thing you left what she was trying to give you there! That would have made for a bad day!

I have had similar experiences. One time I was walking in WalMart and this guy was in his gym clothes and was limping. I felt a horrible rage coming off of him, so much that I felt like someone was stabbing me in my chest at how it just poured off of him. His left leg was hurting very badly behind his knee, as if he hyper extended it. He passed me and just like that all of that rage and anger was onto my shoulders, and my happiness and calm was gone and passed to him. I was so angry at myself for not getting protection up fast enough, this left me angry for the rest of the night.

Lots Of Love,

Kaitlyn xxx

10/11/15 08:06:59AM @one-empath:

I felt a kind of - she was upset, angry and sad...I don't know. And I became so nervious.

But maybe she was also this kind of personality. Thank you for your comment