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I am wondering why people are so egocentric!

And why usually people like to take and so little to give to others...

09/13/15 07:59:59PM @calgaryempath82:

People are so egocentric because the brain makes most peoples decisions. Very little people embrace the spirit or higher self and the guidance and intuition that accompanies it. People get gut feelings, and dismiss them because the spirit talking to you is so subtle, most people don't realize its speaking to them.

The ego or brain,so calculating, makes people reassured of things, so they rely on it. But when the ego is dominating, we are not as open to spirit. In reality the ego would should accompany the spirit, like a tag along, not the other way around. Like when someone says "that will never work". They are assessing and calculating probability, etc, because it feels safer, but also includes more fear.

Simply, people open to spirt, and are empaths s or intuitives base more decisions on the spirit or what others would call chance or guessing. To them it is the unknown, and the unknown to the ordinary person is accompanied by the fear of the unknown. It is safer for them to rely on the brain/ego. They actually don't know any better a good portion of the time.

09/14/15 03:01:06AM @one-empath:

Thank you for your time to answer me!