How you are feeling when you are hungry! ;-)

By: one_empath
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I want to comment on one topic. How empaths are feeling when they are hunrgy? I myself am feeling very angry, very bad which I think is a common among us...How do you think?!

09/22/15 05:39:51PM @km:

This really has more to do with how many excess calories you have on your body to fall back on when you skip a meal. Empath or otherwise, your emotions may be triggered when hungry.

10/08/15 01:12:47AM @one-empath:

yes probably...

10/08/15 02:26:40AM @sammie:

There are a couple of nurses on here that may be better suited to answer, but I would think it may have more to do with levels dropping such aselectrolytesand blood sugar. I have been in health care in some capacity since I was a teenager and have seen a few different outcomes as it pertains to inconsistent meals and/or hydration.

Changes to either or bothcan drasticallyaffect mood, and may increase/decrease sensitivity as a result, but I don't believe Empathy to be the main cause of mood swings when one is hungry.

You would be surprised at how something as simple as insufficient sodium can adversely affect mood, motor skills and cognitive ability. These symptoms certainly mimic a bad energetic encounter. Another reason why Empaths should be health conscious and careful not to discount any potential medical condition as nothing more than a physical manifestation of an energetic encounter. It can indeed be a physical manifestation of a physiological issue.

On a lighter note, its totally normal to be a grumpy bear sometimeswith out a good snack handy!