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By one_empath, 2015-11-10

These days I dream so much. I dream of so many unknown people but unfortunately I don't remember anything waking up.

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night out of no where...

Can somebody relate to this.


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"What a strange feeling!"

By one_empath, 2015-10-07

I was taking breakfast in one place, so happy and full of energy when suddenly I felt one strange feeling.

Now I was so sad! I thought to myself : "Wow why I am sad now when actualy I am so happy...". I felf one strange feeling in my throat and then in my chest. After I was so exhausted, I felt sooo bad.

Then decided to look around and to check what's going on. I noticed one woman on the table next to me. She was so disgusting, in such a bad mood. Her skin and face were so strange.

I realized - it wasn't me - this bad feeling is from that person next to me. She is so dangerous for me. Then I wanted to run!

Can anyone relate to my story? Is it probably an energy vampire!?

I felt so bad, upset and nervious. After I left the place I was again myself!!

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I am wondering

By one_empath, 2015-09-10

I am wondering why people are so egocentric!

And why usually people like to take and so little to give to others...

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I want to comment on one topic. How empaths are feeling when they are hunrgy? I myself am feeling very angry, very bad which I think is a common among us...How do you think?!

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