Conan O'brien is an Empath?

By: Nea
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I don't know why it seems to mean so much to me, but I just listened to this podcast with Conan and at the end he admits to being an Empath. I'm not sure if he puts the same weight into it as we do here, but he describes being overwhelmed by crowds in NYC. It's not the main topic of the podcast, but anyway I think it makes sense that he is, I just feel really strongly about the revelation. It what happens when you admire someone and it turns out they are a bit like you...

Here's the podcast for anyone interested (He says it at about 1.22 in):

03/28/13 06:18:48PM @nea:
Yeah! And I can totally see Scarlett being an Empath.
03/28/13 06:28:28PM @dice:

I was listening and thinking how wonderful it was to hear him describe what it feels like.. also I am happy for him that he can be that open about it and be able to make it sound so wonderfully normal!

Thank you for posting this!

03/28/13 06:31:02PM @nea:

Me too, Candice! It was almost shocking to me how casually he mentioned it.

The Importance of Being Jonny
03/29/13 02:44:55AM @the-importance-of-being-jonny:

Interesting. I wish I could be so nonchalant about it like he is.

03/29/13 09:14:33AM @nea:

Tony, this is the first I've heard of it, and I'm a pretty fanatic Conan fan. I don't think it's something that comes up often - it just fit somehow in this particular conversation I believe. I think maybe he feels like alot of us do, that it's basically not anybody's business that he is an empath. lol

03/29/13 09:47:37AM @dice:


That was why it was great to listen too.. you could hear him leading to it but with use of common terms. When he did it was just Boom! After everything that has happened for him in TV the last few years I wonder if it was that final blam that said.. you can't hold me down or hurt me and guess what.. I'm an empath! I can't get over it. I wonder how many people looked up the term after listening to that podcast. He is helping to open a door.. it's awesome.

03/29/13 10:25:18AM @nea:

I agree Candice, it is awesome indeed.

03/31/13 01:44:15PM @eliselebeau:

So the burning question: Has he been a member of the Empath Community for years and we don't know it?


It's the first time I've heard someone famous use this term and I'm delighted. It's making its way into our collective consciousness? Whoohoo!

Thanks for the post!

03/31/13 03:30:56PM @nea:

You're welcome, Elise. It was a very powerful find for me, so thank you for having a place where I can share it. :)

04/17/13 09:32:58AM @nea:

Thanks for the link, Tony I didn't know about that video, so thanks!

04/17/13 09:35:10AM @nea:

Saw the video - omg he uses the word again. Gives me shivers of joy across my back. :D

04/17/13 06:15:14PM @dice:

:) Thanks for sharing.

02/13/14 07:28:53AM @nea:

@Tony, thank you for sharing that, I do listen to the Nerdist podcast, but I haven't listened to that particular one yet, I'll definitely check it out! :)