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Temple Of The Soul Intro-Part 1

By MysticAngel22, 2016-12-06

Temple of the Soul - Intro- Part 1

    What is the soul? The soul is our Akashic records. It is the storage area that contains all of who we are, our thoughts, our emotions, even our memories from lifetime to lifetime are kept hidden here. It holds information on all the lessons we have learned in the past, where we are in the present and who we will become in the future. Anything you ever wanted to know about yourself, you will find in the soul. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? When you begin to walk down the path of understanding, you also begin to walk the path of the unknown. For many who are seeking a deeper understanding of self, this is an exciting time.

   We often begin the journey feeling courageous and even a bit invincible. Even though we don't know what lye's ahead, we are driven by the knowledge that what we will find will be life changing. It's this type of "knowing" that pushes us to take our first few steps without any other knowledge of the journey. We don't know why, how or what is expected of us, nor do we care because we know the end result will be well worth any costs associated with this journey. There are many reasons why we begin the journey. For me, it was fighting my fears of the shadows that haunted me and trying to understand why they were haunting me to begin with. At the end of the journey, I realized that it had little to do with understanding and more about battling the fear and rejection that came with it. Knowledge was merely a tool that allowed me to come to terms with it and accept this aspect of myself. I wasn't fighting the ghosts, I was fighting the fears I had of them. I was fighting the rejection that came from those that rejected my gifts. But most of all, I was battling the God that cursed me with this gift to begin with. This journey started at a very young age. I didn't know at the time what I was seeking,nor did I understand the depths I would have to reach in order to find whatever I was looking for,  I just knew I had to continue down the path.

   This path has been traveled for many, many years. It  wasn't a straight path. This path had many twists and turns. It contained a labyrinth of dead ends and  empty rooms. Some areas contained light and endless possibilities. Other places were dark, cold and straight up terrifying. This was the cost for traveling down this path, the path of the unknown and unexpected.

   The Soul is much like Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom. The soul is the temple of Doom, not knowing what lurks behind each corner and what is hidden in each room. The seeker is the heroin who braves the unknown in search for the hidden treasure and who will risk everything for it. Some rooms contain traps and skeletons, while others contain beautiful golden nuggets. As we begin the journey into this Temple of Doom, we enter in with several agreements with ourselves. Whether we realize it or not, we are bound to these terms during our journey. Now that doesn't sound fair, does it? But it does, because in the end, you will realize that you already knew the terms before you began the journey.

So, what are these terms? The terms will vary however, the most basic terms are these.

1- When you begin the journey, you agree that you will find what you are seeking, even if you do not know what it is in the beginning of the journey. You are guaranteed this treasure no matter what, if you are willing to find it.

2- On this journey, nothing is as expected. Sometimes we follow the path right to the treasure, but more often then not, we must sift through several layers of dirt  and enter into many rooms in order to find it. This is essential for the smaller treasures we find lead us to what we are seeking.

3- We agree to be completely honest with ourselves. Without this honesty, we will never find what we are seeking. Since this is a solitary journey, the only one we have to be honest with is ourselves. Not an easy task for honesty requires to see all aspects of ourselves, including the sides we refuse to admit we have. We are required to see everything as it is, not what we want it to be.

4- We are required to accept the truths shown to us, for it's this truth that allows us to fully see who we really are. This enables us to accept all aspects of ourselves, change what we don't like and allows us to evolve into the person we have chosen to become.

   By accepting these terms, we are truely ready for this journey.

   So, when does this journey begin? It can begin anytime, there is no age or time frame. We begin this journey when we have a strong desire to gain more information or understanding on a certain aspect our ourselves. Though many consider this journey to be spiritual in nature, it's really more about deeper understanding. Some would call this a time of "enlightenment" but it is more about understanding. On a bigger scale it is about understanding what makes us tick, but is often triggered by a nagging question that we really need an answer to. Some questions may be "why do I do this all the time?" or "how come this keeps happening to me?". It could be something more complex like "Is there really a God? Why do bad things happen to good people?" or "why was it time for my mother to leave the earth?" This journey allows us to go inward to find a deeper meaning to the questions we have. It helps us understand by giving us perspectives that are tailored made for ourselves. Because the soul is a storage unit for who we are, we not only get understanding, but that understanding comes from understanding our own perspectives as well as those that we look to for higher guidance.

   Though the knowledge kept in this giant storage unit is our own truths, truths are subjective that can and often change as our understanding and perceptions change. What may have been truth to you ten years ago, you may discover you don't feel or see the same now. The temple is ever changing because you are constantly changing. This is what we call the evolution of the soul. The evolution of the soul is merely a process of growing and changing, maturing into who we choose to be. This process never ends because there is simply to much to learn. Our desire for knowledge is an eternal quest. The things we desire now, may be different later on. Sometimes, it's not about understanding the basic knowledge but the desire to see how far it will really go. This is often the case when a soul desire to learn and understand "unconditional love." Journey's such as these are often loaded with the things we don't expect because when we desire that type of depth of love, we often focus more on the end result, but rarely take into account of what is required to get to that point. Because there are so many apsects of love, this journey would focus on one or two aspects first. It will also show you other aspects of love the more "negative side" such as pain, anger, and situation that may require forgiveness or justice. There are many steps and stages a soul must travel to in order to reach the "treasure" which is the ability to have unconditional love or what you understand to be unconditional love. These bigger desires cannot be done in one life time because of the extent of it,however, these bigger desires to learn a specific thing is often seen through our life themes.

   What are life themes? Life themes are the things we are here to grow and expand on. It is mostly rooted by a deeper desire to learn specific lessons. For example, I knew from a young age I was here for two reasons. The first reason was to find the other half of my soul. I took this to believe that this was my twin flame. (Looking hindsihgt, I realize that my twin flame was only a part of that desire!) The second reason was for a very specific reason, but not sure what!. I knew it had to do with teaching or showing something, but also increasing my own knowledge of something. That's all I had to go with. So in my 30's I began to look for certain things that seemed to be consistent in my life. That consistency was spirituality, ghosts, psychic experiences,things that seemed unnatural or supernatural and magic. Part of that also included things such as God and my beliefs in a higher power. The other theme in my life was romantic love but moreso, finding "the one". I knew he was out there somewhere, but didn't know who or where. What I also discovered was not only finding the one, but understanding how deep it would go and understanding what makes it so great to begin with. Between the basic knowing and discovering the basics coupled with the ideas of what I expected to experience and didn't, is what pushed me to seek more answers deeper within.

   We often seek outside forces to settle the questions within,however, this often leaves us even more confused, for the most part because even though these sources give a general idea, it doesn't cover the individual experience. It doesn't take into account the depth of your own feelings, thoughts or ideas, so though we do have some "aha moments" and feeling a connection, it makes us go deeper to understand how this knowledge applies to us on a more intimate level. It's alright to look into outside experiences in order to gain direction, generate ideas, invoke emotions or inspiring a yearning towards specific areas, for the desire alone helps us connect to this information, but the journey of the soul is figuring out what it means to you, if anything and expanding or changing it to fit you. Between the two sources, inward and outward, we are able to see our life themes better and help take us to a deeper level of understanding on these life themes, the things we desire to learn while on this planet. 

   The Bigger Picture? We often have a need to be a part of something bigger then ourselves so we often seek to higher powers to guide us and tell us why we are here and what we are supposed to do. I think we are often afraid to make that decision by ourselves because we feel inferior and are afraid we may screw it up, or even miss our purpose altogether! This is really about understanding the bigger picture and how we fit into it as individuals. The Bigger picture is really about the earth and it's inhabitants as a whole. We often look at this as working together and working towards a place of unity, understanding,peace and love. It's viewed at evolving humanity as a whole to a place of higher enlightenment and unity. But is this really true? We may never know. What I do know is that certain things are in place in order to give us as much room as possible to allow ourselves to grow, but still having something greater in charge of certain aspects of these decisions.

   Fate vs. Destiny - Destiny are the choices we make and are the things that are in our control. Fate is the bigger picture of things that we can't control such as our timing for life and death. We know this to be true becuase we are often baffled when a loved one dies and we start asking why one is allowed to live while another is destined to die? This is especially true for small children. The reasons behind fate are usually done with a higher reason for everyone involved. Whether understand or are willing to accpet the reasons or not, death alone effects every person on the planet and is a part of life. Without death, we never really learn to live. It invokes things in us as individuals and as a whole that we would never be able to experience without it. These lessons and situations helps us evolve and grow as a whole. Fate works more for the whole where as destiny is more our own choices that allow us to learn and grow as individuals.

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