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I'm not crazy, I just see the world different than you.Wink

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Crowed is my mind, I stand confine. I belong to another time another place and no one knows. There are only one prints in the sand of a lone wolf 🐺 and still I move forward.❤🐺


04/04/17 01:38:59PM @mypath:

I am here to connect with my tribe and get the protection tools I need to vanish the bloodsuckers.Angry

05/24/17 11:02:21AM @angellight-worker:

Hi There MyPath

II Too have one brown eye and 1 green eye.  Both eyes were brown till I was 6, and I poked that eye out with a thorn -from a thorn apple tree. After 5 surgeries it turned green.

       I 'm not sure why you feel you are going to vanish with bloodsuckers. But I am sure I was among the ones awakened. As no one understood me. I was always sad, anxious, and afraid. Now I feel I have purpose, a mission and a life filled with love and have the ability to love and help others..

07/22/17 05:22:34PM @mypath:

 Hey just wanted to stop by and tell you thank you for your post. I'm still trying to figure all this out and I'm very busy so I'm not on much.  It's feeling like I am just feeling my way around in the dark right now lots of questions very few answers. It feels very Alien to me right now.  I'm not even sure the questions that I should asking.  The universe is flooded with people that need care and I feel like I'm on a collision course with it. I have boundary issues  that I am not managing very well. So my guard is up in my mind is restless. ⚜️

Cheshire Cat
10/03/17 12:18:19PM @cheshire-cat:

Hi Mypath,

I just wanted to tell you that I've met your doppelgänger! She is a psychiatric nurse practitioner in west central Florida. I guess it really is true that we all have a twin somewhere. Just in case the legend is true, ie. that if you meet your doppelgänger, one of you will die, I would avoid this area, lol!

BY "bloodsuckers" do you mean the so-called Archons? I am not sure who or what you want to escape. If it is them, I have a lot of experience with them.

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