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Crystal/Stone Waters for Empaths

By Moonchild, 2016-05-19

561_blogs.jpg?width=79Hello All! I was posting to a discussion earlier regarding gems and empaths and just wanted to share my process for creating crystal water for anyone who would like to know. Crystal waters are charged waters from crystals that can be used as sprays, in cleaners for your home, as a body spray for protection, and in bathing. They can be very useful for empaths in helping to clear energy and to rebalance. These waters work on a vibrational level. The instructions below are for the direct method of charging.

Please do your research on crystals/gems/stones that are regarded as safe for the "direct method" of creating crystal waters. Do not ingest unless you use the indirect method of charging waters.

What you will need:

1 cup distilled water or spring water (do not use tap)

1 crystal of your choice (Quartz, Rose Quartz are best for beginners)

1 Glass container with a lid

I like to follow the moon phase when creating my charged waters, normally I start on the new moon and let it sit outside until full moon.

If you are familiar with crystals, you know that cleansing the crystal/stone is also very important. You can run the crystal/stone through a natural source of running water, use a smudge stick to run the crystal/stone through some inscense, or place the crystal outside in the sun for about 3-4 hours.

Once your crystal/stone is cleansed, sit comfortably in a quiet place - holding the stone in your hands, close your eyes and invision what your intensions with the stone are such as; protection, love, peace, balance. Sit with your intention until you feel the crystal/stone is charged with your intention. Your intuition will tell you when you are finished.

Always clean your glass vessel with warm soapy water and let it dry. You can also wash your crystal/stone in the same way as to avoid contaminents.

Pour your water into the vessel, and add your crystal or stone. Make sure your water is covered with a lid or some type of seal as to not let anything from outside enter the water.

As I said earlier, I like to leave mine outside starting at the new moon continuing through to full but you can set it outside on a full moon night, new moon night, or during the day in the sun.

Once complete, you can strain the crystal/stone from the water and store the water in a sacred space where it will not be disturbed. You only need to use a few drops or so from your charged water and add it to bath water, add a bit to your household cleaner

Using 1 cup of distilled water you can add a few drops of charged water to it for use as a room spray, night time pillow spray, or a general body spray.

This is a beginners guide, as the process or technique can become very involved. There may also be some crystals or gems that are unsutable for use and alternative methods of creating crystal waters should be used besides this "direct method". You can do a google search on "crystal water", "gem water", "crystals safe for use in gem waters". or "charging water with crystals" for more information. You can always inbox me or post your question here too. Hopefully you all enjoy :)

In Love and Peace,


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Mudra for Releasing Negative Energy

By Moonchild, 2016-04-19

Hello, I happen to come across this article while searching for different ways to release energy that I have tapped into. I find personally, that when it comes to visualizing a release it also helps me to have a physcial aspect incorporated as well. I came across this mudra for releasing negative energy, however it can be used to release any type of energy back to the earth or where ever you may need to direct it. I also want to add that holding a quartz, selenite, or rose quartz crystal inside the palms while you do this works great and helps to ensure that the energy you are directing back out filter through them. I have tried it a few times already, and it does help me so I figured I would share :)

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