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Happiness being an empath

By: MoMegs
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Many times we are so focused on the negative side of being an empath. I just wanted to detail out the great things about being an empath.

1) We understand that not all people have good intentions toward us.
2) We care if even too much, but we care.
3) I care about people even if they do not care about me, in feeling this I know that this makes me a better person.
4) Caring hurts, but at least we have honest feelings.
5) I am a person who sees the good in all people.
6) I am stronger with being able to detail my emotions out rather that hide them and be a uncaring person.
7) I want people to be happy even if that is not with my presence.
8) Empaths are willing to understand what being an empath means.
9) Shielding does help.
10) There are other empaths in the world with good ideas of helping other empaths.
11) Sage cleansing rocks and works for dealing with negativity.
12) Every empath has the ability to listen, we can learn from others we speak with.
13) We are natural lie detectors.
14) Emotions are powerful in a negative sense, but in via mode they are just as powerful in a positive sense.
15) What we are drawn to (negative people, people we want to help, or narcassistic people) we gain knowledge about how to protect ourselves by past experiences.
16) We are not perfect, but we can want more for ourselves.
17) Yin/Yang hurt/happiness it all goes to show that one is needed for the other by the universe.
18) Since movies are vast by audience happy movies work just as good as a sad movie does.
19) I am grateful for my gift and when I am happy about the gift, then it is not a curse.
20) I meet many new people by chance and sometimes gain new friends.

I hope that this helps.

11/20/15 01:57:25AM @momegs:

Grateful for seeing a positive side to being an emapth.

12/03/15 12:16:10AM @momegs:

Shielding can be done, but it is what works for you

12/13/15 05:56:37AM @lotusfly:

Thank you. It sounds like making the list helped you as well :)

Peace and love~

04/26/16 11:02:07PM @momegs:

Most empaths have a hard time being around other people. Esp. now when the planet Mars in in retrograde. Happy thoughts out to all empaths at this time.