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A tiny bit about me

By MintyEmpathy, 2015-05-25
Hi everyone my name is Teagan i am an 13 year old girl and turning 14 in june i am new to this site just got it yesterday well my membership being verified ipad a whole lot before but my ipad is old and i roatated the ipad and got out of google and when i got back what i typed was lost so i am just gonna skim the top of the story i wrote which was how i found out. So i kept having this strange feeling like i am asleep but i know i am awake and in complete control i have always had it but i kept getting it really bad. So k went for a sleepover and as my stepda was saying hi and by and all that perant chat to my sisters friend mother. It hit me like crazy. I went to bed with it after watching sponge bob with the other kids luckly i still could watch tv so i woke up to my sisters friend adult mother for dawn service aka anzac in 100 years anzac day if you don't know what anzac day is its were new zeland and australia respect all those who died in war and do a tribute and put flowers around a statue. Well later that day i went with my older sisters friend for shopping she was alot older my mum said she was proble bored cause my older sister was could not be with her. While we waited for more shops again it hit me a little less but i had it for the rest of the day it lifted a bit when i went to bed. The next day i had a tiny bit of it when my mum and stepdad said we had to play dodge ball on the trampoline i did not want to waste the last of my weekend with something i dont want do to which in the end the feeling wastes most of it. So my mum noticed i looked upset so i told her in my room and said some stuff but does not really mean to much right now tell ya in another story so she said stuff like when i became christan did not get along with my sis since i was autisitc i learnt to talk when i was 6 but i told her i only did not want to rather then not know how she then said your an crystal rainbow child i was like i dont really belive i. Spiritual stuff anymore mum... I said no one will understand this but you she said your special but in a good way i said yea i can like feel emotions and stuff. I asked if she felt the strange feelings and encountered the strange emotion ability. So i did some research in crystal rainbow children and found there was also i digo but some are so similar they can be called both. I had all the abilitys of all children able to see spirits like indigos but when i was younger. Dont know if i could use telepathy but learnt to talk at a older age like crystals and have an ability to not read emotions but feel them i did not notice but i am able to feel animals as well and even peoples intentions like if there popular good or may be going downstream or depressed so i posted a bit aobut myself on a rainbow child site and someone said if i am feeling them i may be an empath rainbow children only observe emotions of others and not actually feel them so they dont need to worry about getting to much negative energy. So i gave a bit more info about myself that may effectme being an empath but he/she said i sound alot more like a empath then a star child. I looked up so info and found i have alot more in common with empaths then sta children. So thanks so much to silverwolf on a rainbow star children site ((the names are just nicknames of course)) if it wree not for you i would be going through star children figuring out why i may have opposite traits. I love being an empath even though i only found out a few days ago i live in a city and need lots of water i dont get overwhelmed. By peoples emotions. But by my own thoughts which are not about emotions but my own thoughts but thats an whole different thing. I have another strange ability its not auras by the way its were i see light in the sky normmaly sround trees or in my bedroom when i just wake up and all the sunlight seeps through my closed blinds. I see it ariund people like auras but instead of a curtten colour its the. Colour of the background there in sometimes when i close my eyes i see green and i see random blue everywere at times i see alot more now its like a little bit of energy the same colour of blue uhh does anyone know what that is this post was not meant to be about a question but i cant always promise something.P.S sorry if i misptelt this ipad is old i dnt have auto correct in but it puts random full stops and spaces even forgets letters when i press at times and this was posted at 7:54 pm paccific west australia the time does not have paccific
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