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06/20/15 07:51:49AM @moderator-2:

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07/08/15 06:35:15AM @bing:

Hi Mike

First off congratulations for caring enough to do the research. Youhave just grown up aLOT. Second tell her about this site as it will show her that you care and that she is not alone. Empaths FEEL the energy of the world. Some of us have different abilities such as telepathy, clairaudience, the ability to see auras, se angels, etc... . We are not "normal" like most of the world. We are highly sensitive people who vibrate at a higher frequency and often have to hide ourselves from the world. Some of us can tell when you are lying and also take on the pain of others. Some of us find it hard to be around "normal" people as they are too negative and their emotions overwhelm us. We often feel much more comfortable around animals and nature and are more in synch with the spiritual realm's higher vibrations. I work with angels, as do many others, and they are very real entities. I really do congratulate you for taking the time to do this research. It may also result in your Awakening as well. You can also visit my YouTube channel 1111Angels for lots of great videos that will help you learn more. If you start to see 11:11 or other numerical synchronicities or get intense ringing in one ear for short periods of time do not be concerned. It will be a good thing as you will read in the topics. If not that is alright as well.

I am including some links from the Library of Inspiration for you to enjoy. Just click on the titles and you will go right to the topics. Share them with your lady and she will thank you.

I am Awake

The Dream of Life

The Real You

On Being an Empath

Thriving as an Empath.

52 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

Be The Light

11:11 / Lightworker

Indigo and Crystal People

Dolores Cannon

Throw some love into the wind.


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