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hello! I am a certified Angel Communication Master, a certified Angelic Life Coach, a certified crysyal healer, and have my 2nd degree in usui reiki. I've studied so many things throughout the years such as Ayurveda, essential oils, Herbology, and dabbled in Human Design. I have been an empath since I was a child however I still have a lot to learn! However, at the same time i have a lot to offer in terms of support and advise. One last thing, I'm a certified Fairyologist... saying that always puts a smile on my face because it truly cracks me up!😁

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Hi Michelle M

Welcome to the EC. It is very nice to meet you.You are now among thousands of our kindand are no longer alone.Who you are is an empath and this is our oasis in this world.Here you can talk very openly about all that is on your mind knowing that you will always be treated with respect, kindness, compassion and, most importantly, LOVE. We are you; we are one.You will find that almost all of us have had that "too sensitive" label put on us as we vibrate at a higher frequency than most "normal" people. Most of us find the company of animals, other empaths, and the spiritual realm preferable to the rest of the world. They don't get us because they don't FEEL the oneness of all.

I am including some links from the Library of Lightfor you to enjoy. Just click on the titles and you will go right to the topics.

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11/19/15 06:36:33PM @leafherder:
Thank you for the friend invite, Michellem! :) I get the feeling I have a lot to learn from you.
11/20/15 04:34:28PM @ecila:

Hi Michellem! Thanks for the friend request:)

11/27/15 08:49:36PM @leafherder:
Hello! Funny thing, the first couple of posts I saw from you I liked how you explained things, funny and realistic, and thought "I should friend her," and here you sent me a request! I think I have some things to learn from you. :)Honestly, the concept of perhaps being an empath is new to me - as something I was born as, not just something I tend toward now. I'm not generally conscious of being sensitive, which is strange for someone who is as sensitive as I am when using healing techniques. It is hard for me to comprehend how you learned to trust your empathic abilities when you were young - I had so many people telling me what to think, I just stopped trusting myself. Thanks for your note of support. :)Frequency Balancing is a hands-on/distant healing method I drifted into after Reiki, based on the thought that all matter is vibrating energy at various frequencies - every person is a symphony of frequencies. Where imbalance in any part of the physical or energetic systems occurs, it feels like a musical dissonance and sending an opposite to that energy vibration can neutralize its effects and allow healing to occur. It is more pinpointed than Reiki, and easier to quantify. It can also be used to mend parts of human energy systems where Reiki only sends in more energy, although it can be more pushy and invasive in that way. Also, practitioners are limited to the frequencies their own system will allow them to use; a clearly tuned practitioner will have more variety of frequencies to send, and tools like crystals can also be used to extend the variety of frequencies. :) A crystal afficianado such as yourself may have some ideas about that.