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Karma and forgiveness

By: Merin Eliz
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So today I was thinking about forgiveness. Why we should forgive others who aren't even sorry, right? It had been a question I had thought about for sometime. It suddenly occured to me ( or maybe it was an angel speaking to me cause that did pop into my mind rather randomly.), that we are asked to forgive and forget even if they haven't apologised or seem sorry because holding on to something can only hurt us. I don't mean hurt us psychologivcally, but or soul. You see there is a high chance that holding onto something like hurt will create karma. And they person will be indebted to you. And for them to pay back their debts in karma, they'll have to be born again and so should you. It'll be like, you being born again and going through suffering just because you held onto something. If you had forgiven them, then probably the karma would be gone and you can be truly free. So the reason you are asked to forgive and forget is actually for your own good. I'm not sure if I said it right, but I hope it was clear. Was it only me who was oblivious to this? :-)

Cheshire Cat
02/10/17 10:56:21AM @cheshire-cat:

Hi Merin,

     I agree with what you said about forgiveness.....that it is mostly for ourselves. Not forgiving can even cause physical illness, if we let it eat away at us. Of course, it is much easier to say than to do. I have an easy  time with it if I can ask myself "Will what this person did this bother me in five years?" and the answer is "No". If it is something that will be much worse in five years because of what someone did to me, then I have major trouble forgiving. I've known this for decades, but still have trouble with it, so please don't be too hard on yourself. 

    I don't think we should forget, however. This is especially true when dealing with the narcissists we seem to attract so easily, and other people who are incurable repeat offenders. Understanding that they are who they are and that we cannot fix them, and that we may have learned some good lessons from what they did is very different than forgetting what they did and letting them do it again and again. 

    There are rituals you can find online to do to release others from the karma they owe you. I feel you could just as easily make up your own ritual, as long as you really mean what you are saying when you do it. I'm with you on that one for sure. I'd much rather let them out of the karma they owe me if it means I do not have to come back here, and I've done a simple ritual many times to release people for that reason. 

    Just my two cents,

    C. Cat