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Your Ascension experience

By: Merin Eliz
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I've heard that a lot of people getter have ascended. Could you share how your experience went? :)
01/18/16 08:46:04PM @alledius:

From what I've read, there are different ideas on this. Some think we've already ascended, others think we're currently doing so, and still others think that we haven't done it yet. Not sure where I am, but I kinda lean toward the idea that we've already ascended. My experience started around 18 or 19 years old. I won't go into all that. Fast forward a bit to today, and so far, I've become quite psychic. I was forced to become vegan because the energy of meat, dairy, and fish were too heavy and painful for me. It was an interesting switch. One day I can eat whatever I want, then literally the next day, I'm experiencing pain from food.

What sort of pain? It starts on the psychic level and quickly filters down to the physical level. I especially feel it in my heart and solar plexus. It's very hard to describe. I guess I'll say it's like having sandpaper rubbed all over your body and insides. Besides that, I also have the same experience when I eat foods that aren't totally organic. But at the rate things are going, it looks like I'll eventually have problems with organic food as well. That isn't surprising, though, since nothing on this planet is truly pure anymore in light of all the many forms of pollution.

Additionally, I experience this with people. It's not just a simple thing of feeling the emotions of another. If their energy signature is lower than mine, they will cause me pain. If it's on my level or higher, I'm fine. It's strange, I've always been an empath, but the ascension seems to have amplified my abilities. Actually it has amplified a lot in me. At this time, I've yet to encounter anyone who is as sensitive to the many forms of energy as I am, but I know I'm not the only one. Also no type of shielding protects me completely and I've tried plenty of them.

Since no shield is 100% effective for me, I've been speculating that I'm not supposed to be shielded. The things I've experienced has also made me consider the possibility of being an Indigo. Part of my reasoning behind that is that I can feel when I person is lying to me when they speak. The feeling I have is much like what I've described above. So not a fun experience, and when it does happen, which is kinda rare, I've never been wrong. Not ever being wrong is, in itself, strange. As anyone who works with psychic abilities should know, there is no such thing as a psychic that's 100% accurate 100% of the time. But I'm thinking I've been lucky because like I've said, this doesn't happen often.

So this is just a bit of what I've been going through. Have a good one! :-)

Merin Eliz
01/19/16 04:27:17AM @merin-eliz:

Thank you for commenting! :) Yeah i've heard a lot of views on this as well, which is why I asked this question. I have heard so much from so many people. I'm not sure if I have ascended, but I think I haven't yet. I mean if you have you'd know, right? I hope it is so, I have to admit, lately I haven't found that great a liking towards meat as I used to. Before I used to love chicken, but I don't mind other fodd or lik eit as much. And i'be begun o hate junk food. They make me sleepy and fatigued easily so I don't eat them much. But I don't thin whatever change is happening is as big as yours, or maybe, this is just the beginning. I'm sorry you have to go through pain when you eat even organic. But I guess when you're becoming pure nothing impure is can get in. Oh, I thought the shield worked for everyone. I mean it works easily for me, cause maybe i'm a bit overprotective of everything. But it must be hard to go around unshielded like that. Maybe beng psychic with great accuracy is what happens when you ascend. :)

Thank you for sharing your experience!

01/20/16 10:06:06PM @lotusfly:

I'm super sensitive to the present moment experiences. I'm more here. But I'm not experiencing anything that's abnormal. I'm hearing chimes that are coming from chimes but most people block them out when they are not fully present. I'm more observant of people and animal's expressions and body language and behavior and so I can guess more accurately what these animals are feeling due to putting myself in their shoes. I can assess people and animals' health and needs just by being observant and being a human who is in touch with my own emotions and self. Sounds are not louder to me than anyone else, I'm just more sensitive to their pitches because I'm so open. And I love it. I love experiencing the world more fully and connecting more fully. It is a gift of choice. Choosing to be sensitive and care rather than ignore my sensitivity. Choosing to embrace my uniqueness (we are all unique) rather than try to be like someone else. I'm learning to accept me, I'm learning to live the kind way, and not being ignorant of people's feelings or apply my past pain onto them. I've released that :) Now I'm learning to live as someone who is not afraid of showing themselves after being so so shy and introverted, trying to guess what people thought to avoid pain (which everyone has learned to do, which is why everyone is more distrustful now than ever - they've all learned to guess what others are thinking and make assumptions, rather than speak what's on their mind, rather than face their fears, rather than confront their problems, so now everyone has built their own life based on fear that is not warranted. The whole world has not gone to shambles, we just think it has. Everyone is living in a fear based delusional world. I'm choosing now (hopefully) to not try to guess what people think, even if they give off that vibe. I'm learning to live how I want to live where people talk to one another if they have a question rather than make an assumption and a false reality. We're all assuming what other people are thinking and expecting of us. But we're all good people deep down. And we all want the same thing. But the few bad apples in the world have snowballed into this horrible reality that is acutally us living our own delusion. Our thoughts and actions create our reality. So I'm purposefully testing my assumptions by doing what feels right, even if I get a different vibe. You never know until you try, right? We're all afraid of hurting one another and being hurt and that has turned into everyone fearing everyone. It's pure craziness. Your true goodness inside - everyone has that in them too. I am therefore, taking small risks to face my fears and I'm finding out they are completely fabricated. Running from fear, avoidance, grows the fear and it might not even be real in the first place! This is the world we've created. People afraid of getting hurt. That's all it is. It's not as bad as it seems and don't even trust your own perspective, because each one of us has a different one :) The question is: how do you want your perspective to be? I'm still working on it. But I know just trying to be me and comfortable expressing myself is one goal. Maybe if empaths, as people who know we are truly good inside and wouldn't intentionally hurt another, what if we stop being so concerned with hurting others if that is not our true nature anyway? Maybe we'll walk over a few toes but maybe we'll show people how to live. That we should all stop assuming what others think based on vibes, because that keeps us living a world of walking on eggshells and trying to guess what others are thinking rather than supporting a world that communicates with one another. I know my issue was shynes and introversion for years and years. I know I am responsible for not reaching out and talking to people. I've created that reality. It is not entirely their fault. I'm super sensitive and they are walking around with their pain: a lethal combination lol! But I can see from all perspectives and it's never anyone's fault entirely. "It takes two to tango." I have stopped feeling like the victim 100% and am trying to live and do what I can for myself and to hopefully help others. That's all we can do is our best. I do not want to try to be anyone I'm not because that's unnatural. I don't force anything. Force is control. Let go and let god. Just be. Live and let live. We all strive to be equals. Somehow we have to learn to relate to those we fear in order to bring out their humanness. We also need to encourage individuality and expression and that means speaking up when I have a need and also not assuming the needs of others to make them happy because I'm a people-pleaser who doesn't want to get hurt. That is too beating around the bush for me. I don't want to live that way anymore. So that means showing them how to live. Being the change. I guess just starting by being me, unapologetically, and seeing what happens. I can be the most "perfect" person in the world (have tried that, but didn't get that t-shirt) and I will still offend someone out there. Can we teach the world to stop talking behind people's backs, making assumptions, by not allowing ourselves to feel affected by people's vibes or do things according to what we think are expected of us? It's pretty crazy to think about that we're living our life based on assumptions and everyone (in the world) is so afraid to talk to someone out of fear of getting hurt, of someone else's pain or something affecting them. What if we live boldly and show them how to live? That I'm perfectly fine with being my crazy, eclectic self. Because if I don't, I'm going to appear crazy. But if freedom of expression and not feeling confined to self-imposed restrictions (we're a controlled world, imposing our control issues on ourselves, our children, and each other). But who came up with these rules of what's appropriate behavior? The repressed majority who all experienced trauma themselves. Let's break the cycle :) Let's question everything and say why? What is the basis for that belief that everyone believes? Children question everything. They are onto something. Adults just do what they're told and what they think they're supposed to do. But for sure we (adults) are all children at heart. We all still want to have fun and be carefree. Why is that limited only to children? Why do we have to be so serious and proper? Are these just widely accepted conditions, restrictions we place on ourselves, controlling ourselves, long after we no longer need to listen to anyone but ourselves? We were controlled as children on how to learn and what is right and wrong and we became adults and we're living this world where we feel we must be responsible and that means serious and not act like children. But adults really need to play more :) We really need to let loose in a carefree way, not turn to food or substances to liberate our desire to be free, because we feel so controlled and uptight. Don't be afraid. It's scary to be the oddball but a lot of oddballs are counting on us to shine our weirdness. It's so liberating to see someone do something silly or love their imperfections. Why do we feel the need to be so perfect? Fear of rejection. That was a big one for me. As a young child, I was so fearful of a dirty look from someone because I felt it said something about me and I took people's reactions to me very much to heart, so I couldn't even introduce myself to someone out of fear of embarrassment, not know what their reaction would be. That is how deep my fear goes. And I'm letting it out. I'm facing my fears and there is freedom in doing so. I am finding there truly is nothing to fear. How we feel affects our reality. If we are worried about what people think, they are going to sense that uncertainty and then we think they are giving us a bad vibe but maybe it came from us, our insecurity first? Even if it didn't, why am I so afraid of rejection? Someone giving me a dirty look? Someone smirking at me? Only when it gets to me is there a problem. So I spent my life avoiding these situations, these confrontations, and the fear grew in me the more I avoided and focused on being different and less than and unworthy. But it was how I felt about myself and people responded to it. But which came first: the chicken or the egg? Who knows? There is no way to tell and it's not worth trying to figure it out, because there is no sense in blaming another or the past. There is nothing I can do about it. So I might as well pick myself up by my bootstraps (haha) and face my fears and grow stronger and create the world I want to live in where we're honest with each other and tell someone when they have hurt my feelings. Fear of confrontation based on wanting to avoid pain. Is that what has made people more sensitive? Is that what has made duality? So some people go the opposite and feel powerful when they step on someone but that is the only way they know how to cope with being stepped on themselves (not that that justifies it)? Are we all just reacting to pain throughout the years and generations based on fear? Fear of others hurting us? I know I may hurt others by learning to be okay being me but I'm only human. We all are. And in order to stop being so concerned with what others think, we have to live according to only what we know is reality (if someone tells us something or something happens). By doing so, we will learn to get our needs and opinions across too :) I know it sounds crazy, because we don't want to hurt others, but a lot of it is unrealistic fears that are not true or completely true. So it's pretty silly to just go around trying to guess what people are thinking and feeling based on their vibes. How about people talking to one another instead? Just an idea and me rambling away as I'm learning to live ;) Thank you for your great question, Merin. I think making ourselves out as more special than people who do not feel spiritual or connected to their sensitivity only creates more divide in this world. I'm for world peace. Everyone coming together as equals. That would be nice. Maybe someday. Maybe someday we can coexist together in a peaceful, accepting world. It doesn't hurt to dream :)