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Karma and forgiveness

By Merin Eliz, 2017-02-02

So today I was thinking about forgiveness. Why we should forgive others who aren't even sorry, right? It had been a question I had thought about for sometime. It suddenly occured to me ( or maybe it was an angel speaking to me cause that did pop into my mind rather randomly.), that we are asked to forgive and forget even if they haven't apologised or seem sorry because holding on to something can only hurt us. I don't mean hurt us psychologivcally, but or soul. You see there is a high chance that holding onto something like hurt will create karma. And they person will be indebted to you. And for them to pay back their debts in karma, they'll have to be born again and so should you. It'll be like, you being born again and going through suffering just because you held onto something. If you had forgiven them, then probably the karma would be gone and you can be truly free. So the reason you are asked to forgive and forget is actually for your own good. I'm not sure if I said it right, but I hope it was clear. Was it only me who was oblivious to this? :-)

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Your Ascension experience

By Merin Eliz, 2016-01-17
I've heard that a lot of people getter have ascended. Could you share how your experience went? :)
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Ok the post title may be a bit misleading. I admit I'm not a little kid. Well, not ' technically'. But in my heart I guess I'll always be one. (Plus I behave like one at times.) And that's why the title says so. Anyway, I've always liked the idea of a blog where I can just talk crazy about spirituality in general. I like thinking a lot about stuff and spirituality is one of my favorite topics to think about. So I thought this would be a great place to share m thoughts. I call this my adventures with spirituali. because I used to be someone who went through whirlwinds of being spiritual, not being it, and then coming back to it. Maybe you guys will find this fun.So my adventures really do begin when I was a kid. I was a bit confused with the bible. I mean i knew that it had many great thoughys in it, but some of it seemed to be a bit against the god I thought I knew. At around seven I remember thinking why people used to tell me I should fear God. In my view God was full of love. Why should I fear someone who loved me and who I loved. My questions were unanswered and so I had to wait for the answers for a long time. I just left the questions and went on to other things. But somewhere I knew I had to get answer. What I used to think was that one should not fear God but simply love him and try to be a good person. And still I think the same. I mean look at it, if you love someone unconditionally wouldn't you want them to love you back? So dont you think God who loves us many times more would wany us to love him back. So that was one little thought I had. I don't know if any of this made sense to you. But if it did tell me what you all think about that idea. :)
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