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04/22/13 06:11:26AM @bing:
Hi MaryanneWelcome to the EC.  Drop by and visit the "Library of Inspiration".Throw some love into the wind.Bing
04/23/13 07:38:20AM @bing:

Hi MaryAnne

You are in exactly the right place for someone who has the experiences you have mentioned. You are now no longer alone. The Empath Survival Guide on the Home Page will help you with shielding techniques and there are other groups here that can provide you with many first hand accounts of others who have had similar experiences as yours. Thousands of members know exactly what you are talking about because we live it everyday. We have 6,not 5, senses. It is like being able to see color when the majority of the world only sees black, white and shades of grey. Here at the EC you will be able to talk about any of your experiences, either present or past, and be met with deep understanding, patience and love. We "feel" your energy and spirit. Everything everywhere is energy; our bodies, thoughts, spirits, the stars, etc... . We, as empaths, can connect to, can feel, can comprehend this energy to different degrees and interpret it. It is like being able to understand a language where some would hear only noise; see color where others see none; hear high pitched frequencies where others hear nothing. It is an ability that is becoming more and more prevalent in society as more of us are born into this world. We also have a more intense awareness of the spiritual realm as part of our lives.

Most people only consider the spiritual frequencies one day a week when they attend a church and then go about their "normal" lives for the other six days. We live it everyday as part of our reality.For us it isa very intimateinterconnection with everything that is,with the oneness of all. We FEEL and are more alive than most normal people will ever be. As you already know empaths are much more caring and loving people as we feel the pain of others and wish to heal, help and give our love to all who need it. We will give until it hurts and then feel upset because we can't give more. That is why it is almost always a waste of time to try and relayinformation about whatyou are aware of to non empaths.Compared to us they are deaf to the symphony of the universe of feeling. They aren't connected. They don't FEEL.

I am including some links from the "Library of Inspiration" that will help you have a deeper comprehension of these abilities, what they are and can doto make your life more enjoyable and beautiful and how to protect yourself from low energy people.

On Being an Empath

The Empathic Experience

Indigo and Crystal People

These are only some of the articles that you can discover at the Library that will help you understand the empathic lifestyle more intimately and thus help you become a balanced empath which will lead to a greater connection to your higher self and all that is. If you want to chat more about this we will help you as you are now amongst your own kind. May Divine Truth travel with my words.

Throw some love into the wind.