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Hello Empaths,

Just wondering if anyone else goes through a hard time during holiday season. It is suppose to be a joyous time you spend with family and friends, but it always seems to be the opposite for me. Holiday season makes me feel very lonely. I have ended quite a few friendships with people this year as well as a relationship. I was not understood and couldn't continue to have these people in my life anymore. I guess its a part of growing older (or finally realizing you are an empath). I'm 24 and I turned my whole life upside down. I know I am in transition right now. I had to say goodbye to the old, but I feel that the new hasn't arrived yet and it just feels very lonely. Becoming your true self can be very painful because of all you have to leave behind. There is no turning back. I feel like I am building my life from the bottom up, like I was reborn into this whole new person and given a clean slate. I know deep down this is all good and it will all be worth it, but I can't shake this feeling of loneliness, and lack of love in my life, especially during the Holidays. I was just wondering if anyone shares similar feelings or has gone through a similar experience.

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11/27/15 05:55:43PM @marta:

That is probably my biggest lesson to learn in this lifetime. PATIENCE. Never had any, I have acquired some, but it looks like I have to keep working at it. I know good things are on the way. I've been working so hard to get to where I am today, but I know there's always more work to do and that life is not a destination it is a journey. I forget and lose sight of this. Sometimes it's hard to stay positive and grateful when you work so hard and not much seems to be happening or changing (circumstances wise), but I know that is the only way to be. Your support and kind words really mean so much to me right now. I want to thank you for taking the time out to write such an uplifting and thoughtful response. Sending much love your way! Happy Holidays. Xoxo

11/27/15 10:43:07PM @rene:
Holidays are hard for me also but so are the change in seasons. Maybe it is the disappointments in people's feelings that does this, idk but I have no Merry in my Christmas or Happy in my Holidays. It's like I never measure up at this time of year. Everyone circumstances are different but the commercializing of holidays doesn't help.
11/29/15 02:02:00PM @marta:

@FancyGirl - That's exactly what I started to ask myself.. why am I traveling this path, and if it's even worth it, but I know that the way things were in the past, I was not happy one bit. I'm just tired of always being upset and crying, I feel that it just shouldn't be this way and then I put more pressure on myself to change things because it's my life and I know that I'm in charge of my happiness, but there isn't much I can do at this point. I know that Divine Timing needs to take place and I can't do much more than what I am doing and to be patient. I really do hope things do change after the Holiday Season! I'm glad you feel that way, it gives me some sort of hope because I start to lose faith sometimes. Thank you for the support. Xoxo

@Rene - The commercializing definitely doesn't help. It's like this pressure from society to be happy and grateful and for things to be perfect around this time of the year, but I feel that for a lot of people that just isn't the case and it makes it pretty hard. Hang in there sending love your way!

@Gene - Thank you. Deep down I know I'm not. It does get very tiring.

11/29/15 11:33:02PM @reckless:
I don't bother with my family anymore. I don't like the moods I'm left in after dealing with or being around them.I felt lonely as I watched others be so close to one another and felt some envy. At the same time I do not regret my decision. I'd rather be alone with nothing instead of living in misery.
12/02/15 07:09:28PM @marta:

Sometimes it's best to be left alone than be around people who make you feel alone. It does get lonely I know the feeling all too well, but I believe that in time the right people eventually come into your life. Just do what is best for you I believe it's essential for all empaths to put themselves first. Much love.