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10/21/15 05:04:57PM @moderator-2:

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11/12/15 10:16:45AM @bing:

Hi Marka

Welcome to the EC. It is very nice to meet you.It is great that you are taking the time to inquire about what it is like to be an empath.I am a universal empath in that I have traits common to most of the abilities like clairsentience, claircognizance, etc... but to a lesser degree than most empaths who specialize in these abilities. I wouldn't try to deceive your lady as she will KNOW right away if you are being less than honest. Empaths are very sensitive people and FEEL the emotions of others as if they were their own. Some empaths find it extremely difficult to go out in public as their mood swings with each person that they meet unless they can do shielding.Most empaths likeanimals andto be away from to many heavy, darksettings. You may also wish to explore the Dolores Cannon topic in the Library of Light as well.

I am including some links from the Library of Lightfor you to enjoy. Just click on the titles and you will go right to the topics. These topics will help you to discover more about what it means to be empathic.

I am Awake

The Real You

On Being an Empath

52 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

10 Signs You Are Experiencing a Psychic Awakening

Ten Common Signs From Angels

The Dream of Life

11:11 / Lightworker

I Deserve / Be The Light

Indigo and Crystal People

Archangels and You

I Wish You Enough

The following link is all about helping animals & others on a daily basis and costs you nothing other than 30 seconds each day. You can register for daily email reminders on the upper right hand side of the home page.

Greater Good

If I can be of further assistance to you please feel free to contact

11/12/15 10:17:56AM @bing:
You may also wish to visit my YouTube channel 1111Angels for lots of great videos. Let your lady know about us as well. It will help her to realize that she is not alone.

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