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Hi Everybody,

New to this community and I am here because I need some help. I am in love with a beautiful, wonderful woman who happens to be HIGHLY empathic. I'm here to ask for support in helping to understand HOW to love a woman like this without overwhelming her.

How do we recover from arguments when she can feel and sense my energy "in her bones"? She loves me and I love her, but when we disagree it makes her nervous to the point where she withdraws from the relationship. I feel like there's a huge wall between us that I cannot break down.

How do I diffuse disagreements before they arise?

Need help and thoughts please.



10/22/15 09:48:52PM @rene:
You made me laugh, Mark. My husbands name is Mark. Lol. And sounds like you. I usually have played out and finished an argument before he even knows what's wrong. Lol.Bless your heart. All I can tell you is keep your "i" dotted and your "t" crossed cause she probably knows if your lying.Just remember she was attracted to you for a reason.Give her space. Let her have this for herself. If your not an Empath then read up on what she is experiencing, you may not understand it, but it is real. Believe in her! Believe in her! No matter how wired it sounds I can't say that enough. Her having you, though her journey, will bring closeness beyond belief because it's all about love. Sometimes not saying anything at all is what she needs to hear. Hopes that helped. Now , if I could get my husband to this point. Lol

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