Star Trek - Sacrifice For Another

Duration: 00:02:45
The Vians observe Gem as she grows weaker sacrificing her remaining energy to save McCoy's life (The Empath)
08/03/14 11:15:14AM @maria:

Thanks, Green's Eye View,

Agreed and it's soooo - late 1960's TV too!

08/04/14 01:32:34PM @maria:

"Empathy has been around for centuries" I would say since the beginning of human history and before. There's loads of it in the natural world. It's amazing to be able to view the practices of inter species adoption in the animal world. Deer adopting ducks, pigs adopting dogs, tortoises caring for baby rhinos, it goes on, on.If you've ever seen National Geographics Year of the Wildebeest, you see that stress and fear aren't the natural order of the jungle or forest, it's the presence of man.

I think it's an inclination of some to put each others eyes out and tit for tat but the peacemakers and nature lovers have been making the world a better place in spite of it all, all along.

08/05/14 06:02:26PM @maria:

They that when we are at Peace with ourselves, the World is at Peace with Us. And that there are only really 2 emotions that all feelings and action emanate from - FEAR & LOVE

Peace & Light and thank you for the dialogue!