Study on Empathy

Emmy Long
01/25/15 04:00:42AM @emmy-long:
This was interesting. I would like to read the whole published article on this as my analytical side came out while reading it. While the validity isn't really there because there were only 36 participants and no control (as far as the article stated), I still find it relevant because I can relate as an empath and I know how real empathy is. I'm about to finish college with a bachelors in psychology and, for obvious reasons, I love researching empathy. As a graduation requirement I have to conduct an actual experiment under the guidance of a professor and I have been trying to find empirical evidence like this for empathy so that I can do my research on the topic of empathy. Do you happen to know the original article this came from or where I might be able to find more like it?
01/25/15 11:28:38AM @maria:

Hi Emmy,

You will see a highlighted reference to the University of Sussex study in the first line of the article. You clickon that or go here

My first grand baby will be 2yrs old in March. His parents were telling me that they were watching a TV program that was setting up stunts in public to tape people's responses for a comedy show. There was a baby carriage and the baby was being catapulted in to the air. This caused my little grandson great distress. He cried and pointed at the screen in concern. Along that vein, I am including a link to a study by the the Universities of Yale and British Columbia on the moral life of babies.