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Adopting a new doggy

By Mandii Moore, 2014-09-15

I am looking into adopting a husky from a rescue group. Her name is Gracie, she is a 4 year old pure white husky. She is a total sweetheart and love to be cuddled. I am really excited, if all goes right when my dad gets his new home we will be able to adopt her and give her a forever home. If anyone has had experience with huskies mind giving me some advice as a first time husky owner?

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hey everyone

By Mandii Moore, 2014-09-15

Sorry I have been gone for so long everyone. Its been just a really bad time for me and my family.
2 weeks ago Grandpa passed away, luckily he wasn't in pain. Then last week my cousin who was 37 years old passed away, he was in a car accident i believe and he was braindead. Its hard to believe I lost 2 people I love in a short time. I wanted to thank everyone for your prayers for me and my family

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grandfather update

By Mandii Moore, 2014-08-10

grandpa is being sent to the hospital by ambulence from his rehab facility he has been at. he is vommiting blood now. why are things just going from bad to worse... i cant handle much more.

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things are looking up!

By Mandii Moore, 2014-07-16

so today is my birthday and in 10 hours i go to my first day of my internship so i am super excited about that. Though that isnt the only thing that is making me happy. My grandpa is doing great! he was just moved to rehab yesterday and after a month will be able to come home!

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hey guys, it's been a while since i last spoke. i been holding in a lot of pain recently and its coming to a head tonight. i been watching my grandpa's health slowly deteriorate into the point he is now. i have seen this before last year with my late great grandma.

today my mom started to have to find the durable power of atterny paperwork and we need to get a hold of hospiss to care for him. it's like history is repeating itself.

So to let you know whats happened, my grandfather had a massive stroke late last year, before that he used to smoke a lot which is what clogged the arteries to his brain that lead to his stroke. the doctors said he most likely wasn't going to live, but he was a stubborn and proved them wrong. he went to rehab and was doing fantastic he was walking starting to talk and read and he looked great. all of the sudden maybe a month or two ago he started to decline. he stopped walking, he hardly talks, and now he doesn't want to eat.

i keep holding onto the hope he would just be stubborn and get better but that hope is vanishing.

tonight about an hour ago my grandma woke me up crying. i let her into my bed and let her cry for a while and i calmed her down and helped her get back to sleep. now i am wide awake and have been crying ever since she fell asleep because i don't want her to see me break down.

i just felt i needed to post this because i know many of you will listen and that's what i really need right now. and my family needs all your prayers

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stress beyond stress

By Mandii Moore, 2014-06-14

so this year and last year havent been that great. last year my great grandma died and earlier this year my grandpa had a massive stroke. well last night he had another minor stroke. i am so afraid to loose my grandpa. my grandma has been so upset and stressed and i can sense it, so on top of my own fear and stress (the stress mostly from college) i have hers to bare also. i feel so overwhelmed like i am about to break.

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a step closer to my dream

By Mandii Moore, 2014-06-06

So my dream is to be an event planner and to make people happy with the things i create like weddings. well today i got my first interview ever for an internship, this internship is event planning internship. what i am going to do is start helping put together fund raisers and such to fund a school beautification project that will make schools better for under privileged children and schools. the interview went amazing! wish me luck as i travel the roads to my dreams

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wisdom teeth pain

By Mandii Moore, 2014-06-02

i just got my wisdom teeth pulled last thursday. at first it was ok, my mouth was numb and i was giggly from the meds. now just got a lot of pain in my mouth. the dentist said its natural and that it will be like this till it heals. i cant take the meds while i am at school because i'm driving. do any of you have any ideas that i could use to null the pain?

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