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My friend from college has been kidnapped

By: Mandii Moore
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So Monday morning my friend Sahray Barber was on her way to school/work (she works at the school to help pay for her school bills) around 6a.m. Hours after she was supposed to arrive, she never did. She was reported missing and the cops found her phone and laptop in a bush. Some people at the apartments she lived at said they heard screaming around the time she went missing. She went missing right across from cal state university San Bernardino where there have been recent of attempts from a man to abduct and rape girls.

Yesterday the news covered the story but no new evidence has been found. I am so worried about her. I been hoping and praying she is alive. My father, mother, younger brother, my dog, and I walked through the hills behind the college in an attempt to find any evidence. There was no luck.

I wish I would have a dream or vision or a feeling that would help locate her.You watch about things like abductions on tv and watch the csi shows but there is nothing that can really prepare you for when the actual thing happens. Sahray has been missing for two days and nothing has been really found about where she is. My mind just keeps thinking of all the what ifs, what if she is dead, what if she is being tortured, what if she is being raped. Then i think how scared and alone she must be. How i feel must be just a fraction of the fear of her family. I ask everyone to keep Sahray Barber in your prayers and thoughts, that she may be found and returned to her family and friends.

If any of you have information on her please contact the authorities. Or if any of you get a vision about her please let me know and I will tell my father who is a Sheriff and he will check it out. Here is an article with her picture:

Emmy Long
03/11/15 06:54:05PM @emmy-long:
I'm no good with picture reading but sending positive energy and love your way. <3
Mandii Moore
03/11/15 08:27:45PM @mandii-moore:

thank you Emmy Long it means a lot

Mandii Moore
03/18/15 09:55:56PM @mandii-moore:

Thank you, it is really hard to not know where she is and what is happening to her. The cops just keep hitting dead ends so all we can do is pray and hope

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