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A dream or more?

By: Mandii Moore
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So a couple weeks ago I was having trouble falling asleep, I finally passed out around two in the morning. In the dream I was just laying in my bed and then like playful ghost like activity occurs. I decide to roll over in my bed and I see my grandpa there. My grandfather passed away a couple months ago. I couldn't believe my eyes. My grandfather just smiled at me then hugged me. I started to cry some in the dream and my grandpa started cheering me up like he used to. I told him how much I missed him and how much I love him. He told me he loved and missed me too. We just chat for a while and then I asked him how Heaven was like, he told me it was amazing and how beautiful it was. The dream ended soon after, I woke up smiling and crying some. Ever since I had that dream I been wondering if it was really just a dream or a way for my grandfather to let me know it is ok. What do any of you think?

Mandii Moore
12/11/14 07:06:16PM @mandii-moore:

I hope my grandmother has a dream like this too she needs it

Mandii Moore
12/15/14 11:29:23AM @mandii-moore:

thank you all :)

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