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So I am starting to feel better everyone. My grades are going back up! I actually got a B+ in a class and have an A in my cooking class. I am still going through some depression. I think the hardest thing for me was I wasn't able to tell my grandfather how much i loved him before he passed away. What I long for is one more day to tell him how much i love him and miss him. I want him to tell me something funny to cheer me up and tell me don't worry about the bullies.
Ever since my depression started i find it harder for me to sense anyone else's emotions.

11/16/14 07:54:49PM @inlanddan:

Hi Mandii, he knows how much you love him and is with you always. If you open up and listen from you third ear you will hear him talking to you. He is extremely happy now.

Dan : )

Mandii Moore
11/18/14 08:28:16PM @mandii-moore:

Thank you for your advice. It feels good to know people care and send me advice all the time. It really does help me a lot

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