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on and off depression

By: Mandii Moore
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Ever since my grandfather passed away I have been feeling myself falling down. I can't focus on my schooling anymore and I spend much time at night crying. I am afraid to show my feelings to others and I just am not myself lately. I just don't know what to do. I keep telling myself it's ok but I really don't feel ok. What can I do? Can anyone help me get back to myself.

10/27/14 11:34:43PM @inlanddan:

Hi Mandii, I know I went through a recent period where I was feeling the same way. In fact I know of several people that did. Maybe this is what you are experiencing now. It just took a little time to pass through it.

Dan : )

10/30/14 05:33:47AM @dice:

Hi Mandii, I have been where you are. I lost someone very close and had a hard time doing anything for a while. Everyone grieves differently. For me it was finding any good memories I could. I still talk about him.. I had to shift my way of thinking. When I feel him around me I talk to him.. tell him I love him. I know he would want me to move forward and live.. it is hard but I still try to do that everyday.

More than that.. the most painful feelings are our own it seems. I am sending to you a healing light.. may you be comforted and know it will get better. Take time to write your feelings too. . It might help.


Mandii Moore
11/05/14 11:50:20AM @mandii-moore:

Thank you both. I am slowly getting better day by day. It still makes me cry when i try to talk about my grandfather because I miss him so much. I am being bullied in my classes at college so trying to go about acting like I am fine is hard. My grandfather was the one who I always turned to when i was bullied. I feel really lonely

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